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  1. I have been playing guitar for 12 years now, 7 of which have been on electric. This guitar was absolutely everything that I hoped it would be. The only other guitar that I would consider now would be John Petrucci's Ernie Ball 7-String: even then, only for the 7th String and the Piezo pickup system. Although £2300 is still £2300, being the last on ein the UK and there being only 500 of them, I think that this was pretty good value. If you come across one in good nic, buy it!! not only will you have a crowd pulling guitar (both on stage and in the music shop...) but the sounds from it and the feel of it will make you want to improove your playing!
  2. Ace Amp. Awkward to carry but but sounds great.
  3. I play anything from Dream Theater to U2 to more old style blues and this box aces them all. You need to get a few add-ons to really get the best out of it (even to remote pedals to change the patchs will do) but, even if I only end up using it for 1 effect, I doubt as if it will ever leave my setup. very recommended.
  4. Stuart Bowlerwell

    Zoom 1201

    Great bargin for budget guitarists who still want quality delays. Would still recommend a separate delay/chorus unit but this does a good job.
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