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    Marshall AS80R

    I love it. No matter what I try with guitar, voice, and other instruments it has always faithfully done its service. If it gets stolen I would perhaps prefer seperate amps for guitar and for vocals. For the guitar that would probably a Marshall combo with similar proportions maybe with tubes, and for the vocals I have no idea.
  2. The H/S/H with 5-way-switch means that I do not have a mix of the two humbuckers - I will ask in a guitar shop if this can be added. I don't know if I'd buy one again with neck and body from a single piece of wood, although it did not turn out negative for me. It's obvious I can not buy the same guitar again but surely I will give the middle/upper class of Yamaha guitars a try.
  3. Andreas Hoppe

    Korg A2

    Rock, Jazz, experimental, free form music. Guitar-songwriting for 15 years, regular recordings for 10 years. Yamaha Jackson-style guitar, Marshall combo, several drums, gongs, Casio keyboard. I just bought a second one (206EUR used) to have it live not only for the guitar but also for the vocals. Nothing more to say. It has been the best investment in my gear so far. Since I bought it 10 years ago it has outlived any other thing in my gear: guitars, amps, microphones, recorders, even cables.
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