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  1. Well, I always try to find my gear used or discounted, so that's hard to say. I wouldn't want to go much over $700. If that was for a new amp, I know that my options would be severely limited, but I doubt I'm going to get a brand new amp. Sometimes you see the odd deluxe reverb or something going at $600 or whatever, so I keep my eyes out for stuff like that. I'm pretty much all set now, and I know what to look for. Thanks to everyone who responded. You have lots of options if you can spend $700. Its a strong buyer's market and you could buy pretty much any amp mentioned in this thread with $700. Just shop Craig's list hard. A couple of months ago I bought a custom color Prosonic with a road case for $500. The deals are out there.
  2. What is your budget?
  3. For sure. I have a Classic 30 head (modded for 8 ohms instead of 16) through a 1x12 loaded with an Emi Cannabis Rex. It's my cute little micro-stack that is *HOLY {censored} LOUD*. Great cleans, awesome amp overdrive. I run mine into a 2-10 cab with an Emi Ragin cajun and an Emi Ramrod. It makes a huge sound for such a small rig.
  4. I looked at the Supersonic, but it seems like that's another tier up from the ones I've been looking at, price-wise. A lot of people have suggested the Peavey Classic series now, so I'll make sure to check that out. Classics are great classic rock amps. I think the Classic 30 should be in the working musician's amp hall of fame, if there were such a thing. I don't know if you're into the head + cabinet thing but if you are, the Classic 30 head sounds great thru a nice cab. I have one and it screams thru a good sounding cab. You can usually pick one up for around $250.
  5. OP, It seems you like the idea of a 2 channel amp for gigging. If so, you should consider a Prosonic. Best hi gain Fender ever did, IMO, along with an awesome sounding clean channel. It has an effects loop, which may or may not be a big thing for you. if you opt for a Hot rod series amp, try to avoid the older ones with the volume pot issues. They will go from whisper quiet to insanely loud with a very small turn of the volume knob. I used to gig with one and it was very hard to dial in an appropriate volume. Also consider the Supersonic series. Check out the 22 watt Supersonic. I think its a much better choce than the Hot Rod or Blues series of amps.
  6. He's in great shape and lives on a diet of organic crystal lettuce. He'll live forever.
  7. I have a custom made bass by Warrior. (http://www.warriorbass.com/main/index.html) The bass is a 1995 5 string Warrior bass with a quilted maple top done in a hand rubbed finish. The neck is made from birds-eye maple. The bass has gold Gotoh hardware and is loaded with Seymour Duncan baseline pickups and active EQ. Lots of custom features, strap locks are mounted flush to body, hard shell case, etc... The action, fit and finish on this instrument is as good as it gets. The only flaw is a small wear mark under the low B string between the pickups. I will take $2100 OBO for this bass. Buyer pays shipping costs.
  8. Here is my Rivera thirty twelve with a few pedals.
  9. I've had an amp in my possession since 1992. The owner got pissed at me, told me to fuck off and said he would be over the next day to get his amp. This was April 1992 and I haven't heard from him since. Is it mine yet?
  10. Does the guitar have the slim taper neck?
  11. Nice Im gonna try to pick up one of those 10" combo's when they start cropping up on the bay (with worldwide shipping). Have you tried the 10" combo's? Those things put out a big sound for such a small package. I looked long and hard for a head version and was just about to give up when this one popped up on Ebay. Mesa must not have built very many 5:25 heads as I couldn't find a Mesa dealer anywhere who had actually seen one of these. I'm hoping I bond with this amp and it becomes my main gigging amp. My bad back likes amps weighing in less than 30 lbs.
  12. Originally Posted by hal9000 When you set the bias with an oscilloscope, you're generally looking for a specific amount of crossover distortion in the sine wave on a Class A/B amplifier. That's the amount of distortion created at the zero crossing point when the positive swing of the wave (One 6L6) is handed off to the negative half (The other 6L6). Crossover distortion looks like a chink in the wave so that it is no longer smooth like a pure Class A amplifier. Dude, when it comes to amps you are smarter than God. I mean that in a good way. By the way, I have this in the mail. I know, not a F series but maybe I can hang out in here anyway? ' alt='>'>
  13. Hit me up if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  14. I'm looking to satisfy my 335 jones but on a budget. Looking for Elitist 335 or a Gibson333. Send me a PM if you have one for sale.
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