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  1. I would probably not buy it again because of that problem with the bypass & there's a million other phasers out there that don't do this, but it is a great sounding phaser for the price.
  2. Adam-LBHCJ

    Vox VT15

    [Comments] I would absolutely buy this again. I had a tone in my head that I tried for years to achieve. This included an overpowering distorted mess I get out of my rig & an amazing intoxicating clean tone & when I played with this pickup for the first time, I had that sound I'd been looking for. This is the key to MY sound & MY tone. I cannot rate this pickup higher.
  3. Adam-LBHCJ

    Fender Blender

    Everyone else in this area has said it's used by Billy Corgan. That's true, he has one, but the source of his distortion is mainly a JCM 800 Marshall head & Electro-Harmonix Big Muff pedals. If you're looking for Smashing Pumpkins sound, get a Marshall. He's used one on very few of his recordings. There's one part in XYU where the speakers come in very distorted & you can hardly recognize any tone in the guitars in the end & I would bet that's this pedal. USED SPARRINGLY!!!!!!!! It's evil!
  4. Seems like a great wah. It'd be better if the bypass was better & the convenience of the switching between wah & volume was better, but that'll be fixed soon.
  5. I still have to experiment around, but I have other distortion pedals that are way better than this. It's not very good.
  6. Adam-LBHCJ

    Zoom 505

    I absolutely would not buy this again! Concider it a waste of money! Get *real* effects & stay away from this trash!
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