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    ART SGX 2000

    I've been playing in a pop/classic cover band and it's given me some good sounds to work with. I should get in there and tweak it for specific songs but I've been too lazy, although I have been messing with stuff with the computer program from Gelnn Thomas. But it's hard because it sounds so different at home through headphones or at 'bedroom' levels as opposed to band levels. And I hate to bore everyone at band practice tweking my EQ 3 dB at 250Hz or something. I've been playing a little over ten years now. If it were stolen or lost I would probably get one of the models without the tubes. My amp has a pretty decent distortion sound (IMHO). I think they came out with a T-1000 or something like that which was basically the same guts in a 1-rack space wihout the tubes. I love and hate the versatilty of it. There are just so many sounds you can get out of it and I don't know enough to know which effects to use to get a specific sound that I have in my head (or on a CD of my favorite artist). And most of the artist-presets suck, at least on my setup. They don't sound anything like the artist. At the time I bought it I compared it to many other products available at the time and they just didn't have it all. I don't recall which ones in particular. I do remember Peavy had a multi-effects unit out at the time that was pretty decent but not as versatile. And Yamaha too. And one salesman was really pushing some big-time reverb unit with a few other effects thrown in, but I wanted it all! I had no effects previously and figured I might as well jump in whole hog. This has just about anything you could ever want. One complaint, and it's probably more related to the X-15 or MIDI in general, but the real-time effects pedals on the X-15 are really choppy. The pitch shift effects sound 'zippered'. I wish there were more smooth. It definitely brings out the creativity in me sometimes. Every once in a while I scroll through all of the presets and mess around with things that sound good. I come up with interesting riffs many times.
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