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  1. whose kidding who if you have one of these your lucky it is used for certain on acoustic guitars and excels over my newmann 83i or the 84s ! it should be used in conjunction with a smaller cond . in a stereo pattern. this mic in the 12 fret position and the smaller mic needs to stay far enough away to not phase but find the body-tone from the guitar its sensitive to breathing (from the nose ) if your guitarists has that element while recording. i find the akg 480 a excellent companion in this set up for finger style guitar not recommended with a vocals in the room while the guitars is being micd with the 4033 . for vocals its really nice for female voice were there is intimacy needed.or were the vocalists comes really close to the mic it doesn't reach down the throat or get out of hand with proximity effect just reminds interment remember its fixed charged! and the best fixed charged mic on the planted rumour has it Dylan uses this on his voice.
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    Sony HR-MP5

    if it blew up id repair it for under a hundred dollars or miss the effects if it were more but its a classic there is nothing like it ..the sounds are sony sounds not lexicons or tc or midi verbs or spx 90 there are more sounds in this unit than the lxp-1 and 5 put together it is a geek tool no set up and go here be prepared to hown your sound explore and find a effect that makes the mix origanal dont get one to set on top of your guitar rig put it next to pro tools or analog mixers or a send and return on a already set and go effect unit for your guitar with time set a side to add the effect that is needed but stay creative!
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