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  1. Okay, I had never heard of Esteban or seen the infomercials until I started asking about an acoustic/electric guitar in a local pawn shop. The tag inside the body says "American Legacy" and I could have sworn that the headstock said "Elezar." It's a weird script type of font. After getting a clue about Esteban, I searched for them on E-Bay and, sure enough, that's what this is. Anyway.... this guitar is quite nice. Great tone, perfect intonation, great feel in the hands. I didn't try the electronics. I can hear the laughter from most of you already, but I'm not much of a "follow the crowd" type of guy. I don't plan on buying it because... A) It's overpriced, like everything else in this particular store -and- B) I already have another acoustic on layaway. However, if not for the above two reasons, I would have picked it up. It's a really nice guitar. After reading the horrible reviews on Estebans here, I'm thinking that this might just be an exceptional gem or something. What do you think? Admins: Please forgive the cross post. This got no response all day in Open Jam.
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