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  1. I play 80's rock and metal, and 90s/00s punk and pop, and no, this doesn't hold a candle to my SM9 Super Metal for that purpose. I would not buy one again, but I had to try it. There are two things this pedal is good for: instant "American Woman" neck tone, and perhaps speed/thrash metal rhythm. The sustain is really massive, and it does live up to its name. Two-hand tapping and harmonics are really easy with the gain up. Exactly two things would need to happen for this to be useful to me: 1. It would need a blend control for the depth of the effect, and 2. It would need a midrange control instead of high-cut/high/boost and naturally scooped mids. The Maxon JD-01 Jet Driver is a cool pedal, great name and package, shiny metallic and cool looking footswitch. It has come through the years largely intact, and retains its collector value. Ultimately, it's not a sound that I need in my arsenal. But I'm glad I gave it a shot.
  2. I am just amazed that these go so cheap. It's a real sleeper. I have a Super Tube Screamer that's better, yes, for chording and solos. But the SD-2 is an amp sim in a box for $50 you can't beat! Why would you pay $100 for an XT-2 or a PW-2 when those pedals sound awful?
  3. I am very happy with the Gibson I got to replace this. I have owned 4-5 Ibanezes, and there is always something about them that I don't get on with. If I do get another, it will have to be a vintage Iceman, those still look cool. Overall, this was a complete money-suck. A piece of crap wood with a great finish, and horrible frets. It did not like Duncans. I put many different pickups into it and had a hard time getting it to sound like I wanted, for classic rock and metal. These guitars do vary, though, I played one that sounded and felt a lot better than mine. Different piece of wood might have made all the difference. But I am happy with my Gibson now.
  4. I would buy the Breed Bridge again in a heartbeat. It is the warmest bridge pickup I've ever played, and I have played a lot (and wasted a lot of cash swapping out pickups, including Duncan Custom Shop ones like the EVH, plus JB, Demon, Distortion, Pearly Gates, etc.). It sustains perfectly, and works fine for rhythm. I would probably think of something else for the neck, but I might come back to the Breed neck again anyway, just because it opens up the bridge model's possibilities, and it's got the compressed dynamics I like. I am leaving the neck in there, though, it sounds fine and reserved, and I've done enough to my credit card bill by endlessly swapping out pickups.
  5. The litany. I have been playing rock and metal for more than 20 years now. I have owned Gibsons but I prefer Ibanez. I have owned Marshalls, but I sometimes prefer Crate. I have swapped pickups enough to know what's good and what isn't. I would definately get it again if I had to for some reason. This helps make music because it's a great sound to play with, a lot of mojo, though if anything, yes, it could use more mids. Pump the bass, cut the treble just a touch, set the drive at medium, and rock out. I am VERY happy with this purchase.
  6. I sold this on eBay within a week due to the limitations I perceived when I started to use it. I would not purchase this mod again, and I regret selling my AnalogMan Clone chorus to get this one. Wish it could have fixed the inherent CE-2 issues without sanitizing the sound. In short, it got in the way. Sorry to be a dissenter here--and by the way, I play loud rock with humbuckers--but I think a balance of opinions can help people make better decisions.
  7. '70s and '80s hard rockers, give this a second look. They're popping up for about $60 on eBay, and they're underrated because they were mismarketed. Thrashers, stay far, far away. It's a good sound, but you need the right pickups and a tube amp, IMHO. I really think it could've used a little more bass. I've been playing more than 20 years and I've owned a lot of effects, some high-end (Xotic, Maxon), and FWIW, I want cheap, useable stuff. I've only got three spots on my pedalboard, and this owns one of them.....
  8. See above under "Sound Quality".
  9. I just love this thing! And the workmanship on the case is great! It's hammered metal with two layers of blue, and '70s retro sun graphics and a neat font, really makes it feel like a quality investment. I've finally found my chorus pedal, and it helps me make music. I was inspired to play huge arpeggios with this, and Police covers. I keep the speed at 11:00 and the depth around 3:00. Yes, I would buy it again if I had to. It is the mother of all choruses and then some.
  10. This is a great pedal, I can see why they don't come up too often on eBay. BOSS used to make something similar, the SP-1 Spectrum; those are ultra rare and cost in the hundreds. This is nicer looking, more versatile, and costs half the price, even in the "vintage" market. And I know I'm biased, but it probably sounds better. This pedal is easily worth what I paid, and then some. If Maxon had reissued this and cleaned it up, I would have gotten it new, but the vintage Ibanez version is fine. Wow...just wow, is all I can type right now, it completely opens up a whole world of tones I never thought I could get out of my rig.
  11. I play rock, and I love Maxon stuff. I have the CS-9Pro, and the SD-9 also. I tried the 9-series phaser (PT9Pro+) but that was pretty limp. This was only $10 more and thousands of times better. I like phasing on clean, subtle parts; I don't use it as much with distortion. But this is incredibly transparent and live. I like the orange color and the retro-vibe casing, it's all good.
  12. If you're going to have a boss distortion for an 80s rock sound, this is the one, IMNSHO. The only downer is the excessive noise when you're not playing--there's better out there...the Maxon SD-9, for example, but this is decent for the money.
  13. This is okay for rock, and sounds good clean, but I wanted something that worked better with distortion also. I am returning it, would not buy again. See above for comparisons. The sound is just not good enough to justify the purchase price, even if the component quality is superior. The EVH 90 remains my weapon of choice, the PH-2 would be a backup.
  14. I covered most everything in sound quality. I play arena-style rock with a Les Paul and a tube amp. It's neat, looks great, and is maybe just a little too intense, if I had a criticism. I am very happy with the unit, and it takes a privileged place next to my Maxon 9-series stuff.
  15. If you can survive with three pedals that are Boss-size or smaller, then this is perfect. Here's my three: MXR Phase 90, Maxon SD-9 Distortion, Maxon CS-9 Pro Stereo Chorus. I used to be into reverb, but hey, the '80s are over, and the pedal-size reverbs are terrible. I've got reverb on my amp, anyway. I don't need an EQ, because my Les Paul sounds great as is. Delay is not my thing, though I have messed around with analog delays that are cool. I sometimes use a Wah in front of this setup; that has to be packed separately. That's fine. I wouldn't want to be stepping on this board that hard all the time. It would probably take it, but the wah doesn't fit. So my essential set is Phaser, Distortion, Chorus; your mileage may vary. Let me ask you the tough question: Phase 90, Tube Screamer, and ....what? That's up to you. As this thing doesn't have a built-in power supply, you have to provide one. I use a regular Ibanez adaptor and power "Daisy Chain". So one adaptor powers 3+ pedals. Boss used to make you buy a separate pedal just to power your board (PSM-5) that was a real waste. Now you don't have to. If you use high-draw Line6 pedals or one of those 18-volt pedals, you might be out of luck, though. I would certainly replace this if anything happened to it. And I've got a funny story for you about the BCB-6 I used to have in high school...my Dad's basement flooded and a lot my band's gear was down there. My friend Rob's DigiTech stuff was submerged when we came down to inspect the damage. But all my old Boss pedals were safe, floating inside the open BCB-6. They all worked fine. I guess that's stuck with me all this time.
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