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  1. I can see great things happening in the future for me and this little blue funk monster - heres the tip - IT MAKES FUZZ FACES SCREAM!!!!!!!!! - chuck it in line before the big roundey though In all a pedal that everyone should own according to the guitarists ten commandments - kind of in the same realm as air or water for the body - or so Im told.
  2. this may not be the ticket for those after a pumpkins style fuzz, but for THE warm 60/70s fuzz tone you cant go past this - foxey lady intro? - no problem. you just have to get your fingers round the shorter sustain factor when noodling- a player's effect.
  3. peejay-bhFuj

    epiphone S-310

    I chose this guitar because it was the only available left handed one in the city for less than a grand & i was very inexperienced. Yeah I got ripped off by the music store, and to be honest this guitar is shabbily made and not pretty from close up - but from a distance it looks stunning and the dimarzios made it sound really top level - just the right tonal balance between a hotted up strat and a les paul I really enjoyed this guitar and its (modded) tones - they were a unique combination of guitar/ pickup & i would definately recommend it to anyone seeking a dependable axe with not much money It played really well with a more restraining feel than my new strat but a slicker feel. great for learning to vibrato because of the push back of the strings - again a balance between an SG and a strat (it also has a chunkier neck that many strats and a slight gloss finish. I think the going price for these is normally about half what I payed, and with a few more dollars spent upgrading it you have a guitar that sonds AS good as any superstrat out there with a sound & feel all of its own
  4. This thing is now discontinued. That is good because if everyone went whoopee & bought them then the world would be a demented place Pkay, this is a rip off of MXRs blue box but ive never heard a blue box do this stuff - this pedal rips, farts, screeches, swirls, spatters, chugs, cuts out like a stopping motorbike, buzzes, does syth tones, dual ocaves, mess, sizzle, whine - YOU NAME IT Other people I have read can only compare this to the much heralded fuzz factory - i couldnt possibly comment but its good to see DOD putting something out that was genuinely twisted (even if it didnt live very long) I havent found any application for this yet & ive had it for 2 years. The possibilities this could lend to song arrangements or sampling for dance cuts or even making new music based around this unit are mind boggling. Someone like Fripp, Belew or Gabrels should aready have one of these - not digital so it cuts out at the wierdest times, the octave tracks like a race driver having a seizure
  5. Basically I saw this axe in the shop and played it only because it was the only left handed strat style guitar for under a grand. I actually used this to demo some stomp boxes & didnt realise that I would one day be taking it home! In terms of value for money I dont really think I could have gotten a better deal. This thing is made better than some american fenders (and many jap ones too) that ive seen and most definately played better than any other guitars remotely in its price range (even ones double the price). I dont know how much these things go for new (349 british punds I ve read). Guitarist said these were an absolute bargain new and I got mine in mint condition second hand for 500 bucks! (250 US?). My guitar teacher said he owned one of these (praise indeed) and that they were real good. I think that these guitars get a lot of {censored} piled on them because theyve got the S word on the neck & not the magic F. If you wanted to look at this in the most physical sense it is more expensive than several fenders anyway! So what does that then say about quality? im very pleased - I heard they discontinued this line? shame. which is why actually finding one in left hand was even more of a win!
  6. ok - i just needed to clear this up from my last submission on this box which was made at a time when I ddint actually have it in my posession, BOSS pedals it seems are as mortal as the rest of the pack - God only knows how this happened but when i got this back off my friend (who was running it through a guitar and a digeridoo!!) THE RATE HAD SLOWED DOWN!!!! at lower extremes it seemed very much the same but between 12 & 3 oclock there is very little change in the speed and in the last few degrees of the knobs rotation, which is when there is generally a real acceleration in speed, it flattens out totally, stopping at a rate that could be matched by my terribly weak and cheap ibanez soundtank chorus. sure enough i ran down to my local music store & did a A/B with the one they had there - whammo - slow phasing for me! pisses me off cause i counld get some cool unsettling trem sounds happening but now it just sounds a bit to iffy for all that. PLEASE email me if you know how this can be fixed easily & cheaply cause I just bought a new guitar & the box = second hand so BOSS wont touch it
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