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  1. Played for about 8 years on and off but a whole lot more recently, I wonder why, hmmm.... Gibson? I feel like i should have asked over a score of 10 what the finish was. But come to think of it, everyones percepion of good is slightly different and as the guy say it was imaculate i went with it. No regrets tho, I called her Laura. I love Laura. Definitly buy another one but without the laquer condom, lol I love everything about her apart from the slightly dubious binding finish. As nother reviewer said and i'll reiterate, they are trying to get as many guitars out of th factory as they c
  2. Reshad

    Zoom 9002

    I'll give anything a go, It's fine for that. 8 years on and off, AS said Copy fender, fender mp and a crybaby. I rely on the amp distortion, it has more grunt. Hmm, tough question, It's so cheap now I'd probably get one for the fun of it, but other than that, not really. I love that it's so unusual and compact, most of the sounds are good. It's fine foe a home setup and headphone fun. Haven't really compared it. Chose it coz it was going cheap. My neighbour couldn't deal with editing the patches. Wish it had a Wah attached to the foot controller + a sturdy connecting wire, Backlighti
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