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  1. Originally posted by blargh Thanks I was hoping I could get that tone out of my Hiwatt with some pedal, but I guess not i would think try a russan big muff you should come pretty close;)
  2. 3-400$ for a maple hollow body hard to go wrong,still thinking of picking one up,why not??(i need another guitar like a hole in the head) they play&sound better than most 335 clones
  3. Originally posted by LiquidPCB I bet half of you guys with 100 watt heads hardly ever max out your power tubes Now before you have a cow its not a criticism just disapointing that society wont let you. I wish I could rip all the time my neihbour even complains about my "ACOUSTIC" guitar being to loud but I am a loud player ,big strings, hard picks and heavy attack. Now if it wasnt for master controls ,we would have never have got a good low volume crunch. Heads like soldanos will still give you a good low crunch the preamp section sounds quite good cranked ,not buzzy. I bought a marshall se-100 attenuator based on the groove tube SE-II and I am not that impressed ,dare I say it I think pre amp distortion sound better not better than all round pre and power together but better than high attenuation but I will have to change the old pots and get back to you on that. I wish there was more emphasis from amp makers on good pwer amp distortion at lower volumes cause even on stage a lot of owners and sound guys want lower vol . There are a few based on the el84 tube but all those amps although very good they very sound similiar ,theres gotta be some different designs apart form the univalve with highgain pre amps out there. no,the goal is to get the optimum sound& tone that maches the one in my head not to kill humming birds or the grass next door,mispent power is just that wich you can't get from combo's or 1/4 stacks (IMHO)
  4. Originally posted by Diabolus_in_Musica Avoid these models at all costs.. thats a channel switchiing one(could be the us made pcb crappy ones). The clean isn't too bad but doesnt have the dynamic roar of a true hylite era HIWATT. The lead channel sound deflated fuzz.. a true joke! Don't mean to to go against the above opinions, but take it from someone whos gone through 4 HIWATTS.. and that was one of them(bought for $400 and quickly sold for the same). Try this for more info: http://mhuss.com/Hiwatt/index.html by all means check out the mhuss site,it's invaluable! you want to stay clear of sterling/modesto stuff biocrowns RULE!!! as the saying go's biocrowns can do hylight,hylight can't do biocrowns(low gain) as a very happy owner of two WORKING loud&clearOL/lead-100 biocrown heads;)
  5. best amp ever made,even amongest hiwatts (their called master volume knobs) eats most if not all amps for breakfast,brutally honest(no hiding behind a hiwatt) so if you can't deal with that i'd pass over it;) IMHO!
  6. hiwatt lead 100 penty loud for anybody(all tone)
  7. i wanted to write a beter review still all in all thi guitar is pretty kickass i really do wish i had it when i was 19years old
  8. as for now shes my number2 (number1 being sunshine a64 chet atkins ) i just got goldie (95 gold siver jet w/ both dearmond/filterton???) so, we'll see shes awsome in my eyes, last of the real guitars
  9. sam/boston

    ProCo RAT

    i got sucked into buying it, ya "had" to have one, i miss my super medal pedal.....whats this...medal zone alright!!! i sold mine to gary from tad who got his riped off in n.y. he was happpy i had beer money every thing worked out
  10. sam/boston

    DigiTech Valve FX

    pretty cool for the money, no need for pedels again plus light/small
  11. if you care about your tone don't do it if your some hyper 15 year old punk rocker w/ crappy(under 200 watt) rig this could be your ticket to 411/ green day glory
  12. sam/boston

    DOD FX33 Buzz Box

    made just for noise dose that well, just another flavor, crazy scare your cat fun
  13. pretty cool.i'd wouln'd go nuts if i 'lost it' i use it just for another favor kinda fun
  14. sam/boston

    Guild Starfire IV

    thisguitar is speical made withreal love i'm a lucky guy iwould/could never part w/ it i own some kick-ass guitarsgibson epi greschs all great playing great sounding,but if i need to do a dreaded lead i reach for the guildafter all these yearsits never let me down good luck i've got mine
  15. sam/boston

    Boss Hyper Fuzz

    i love this pedal out of all the pedals w/ the word fuzz on it it is the moast musical. recap: this is a fuzz not a distorion pedal try creating a big reverb or deep chorus or pitch shifter in your chainthen step on the fuzz ifyour not smurcking then i give updont buy it i brouht three real fun for bass playing too get 'em while you can
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