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  1. I desire versatility!!! I need to go from hear to there and back in no time. This is the best match for me and if it were stolen I would kill that mother {censored}er and put it back into my rack where it belongs:) I have been playing for 16 years. I chose Marshall because I love the beauty (some) of there amps produce. They, like everyone, make some {censored}, but I truly feel that I struck gold when I bought this pre-amp. As far as what style of music that I write and play, well, search for "bamboo needle" on myspace and you can hear a little of what I sound like. Every piece of gear you buy matters!!! If you buy a {censored}ty power amp and try to run this thing, it probably will sound like {censored}. Who knows, it may be perfect for you. My point is, that most players who buy a quality piece of gear like the Marshall JMP-1 and give bad reviews either don't know what they have bought/ what the hell it does, or they haven't figured out what THEY want yet. So again, DO YOUR HOMEWORK:)
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