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  1. I play primarily blues rock, but I also play in a church band, where searing leads just don't cut it. In both situations, the BM delivers what I need. I've been playing over 15 years, had an MXR distortion +, a Big Muff Pi, a Digitech RP5, various amps, and this is the best overdrive I've used. (haven't tried them all) I tried to compare it with a Tube screamer in a store, but they had a lousy amp to demo with. I couldn't hear much of a difference, but with the tone controls, the BM sounded better to me there, so I grabbed it, and now I'm a happy monkey. (Bad too!)
  2. Matt C.

    DigiTech RP-5

    I have been playing since 1978, rock, blues, fusion-y jazz, have owned a few pedals (Morley Wah and flanger, MXR Disortion +, envelope, DDL, Elecroharmonix Big Muff Pi, small stone, Ibanez chorus...etc... For all those "vintage" effects, this unit is a good substitute. When it dies, I will likely go to a music store and try out a bunch of stuff before deciding on anything. I get setting s that I love with this unit, and really, your playing will make more of a difference in how you sound, so stop reading and go practice!!!
  3. I've been playing since 1976 and had this giutar most of this time. I have 4 other guitars, but this one is my favorite and brings me the most joy...(well, the Larivee D-03 depending on my mood...). As much as I like a sweet quilted finish on a custom Les Paul, I like to think of my guitar as an old friend, an instrument, not art. I think this is the perfect axe for me.
  4. I've been playing since 1976, I have 4 other guitars, presently I play Dad more than guitar. If this guitar were lost or stolen, I would definitely get another Larrivee, teh D-03 or possibly the OM-03 model, which has a smaller and tighter sound. I might even save up for a more elaborate model (D-09). Under 1200, I can't find any acoustic guitar I love aside from a Larivee. I compared this guitar with lots of others - Low end Martins, Ibanez, Yamahas, Washburns, Tacoma, many of which were OK guitars - then the Pie-in-the-sky guitars - Gibson Hummingbirds (nice) and richly inlaid Martins, Larrivees and Taylors. I liked many of these pricey models, and frankly, some have different qualities that I truly adore, but not at the expense of the qualities I like best about this guitar. I think this is the best value I've ever had the pleasure of obtaining, I feel like the cat who swallowed a canary!
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