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  1. j whitely holmes

    Carvin LB76

    BEst valued bass I have ever seen. The features and fit & finish are as good as I have seen on a bass at any price. The tone is great for the price but could be a bit better. The spacing makes it kidn fo a bad bass if you are into aggressive right hand techniques like I am, but this is a subjective thing.
  2. I use this box mainly with a bass. Pretty cool for some bootsy kinds of sounds. Also make good Tom Morrello guitar tones.
  3. Normally, I like DOD products, but this one just kind of sucks. The 4 other peadals I have are great. This wouldn't be too bad, but there is no way to loose the annoying high threshold. I guess if you were to use a high noise set up (eg Gibson melody maker through an old amp) a noise gate would be useful, but my carvin bass doesn't make any noise anyway.
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