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  1. I play rock punk/pop stuff. Replacements, Bob Mould, Bodeans, Nirvana, as well as bluesy stuff....SRV, Jimi....etc I would have to go on an interstate killing spree if it were stolen. I just love the tones I get from it at any volume. I sound good through it! Amazing. I own quite a bit of gear, I love guitar stuff. I know I am a bit, no, very anal about my equipment. Like I said earlier, I am a Fulltone believer. It's the best I've tried. I especially love that is isn't a big corporate factory. The poor kids that read the guitar mags have no clue how they are being manipulated by the "reviews". Ever notice that 90% of the reviews are for midlle to lower end crap? It's because the kids don't normally have enough cash for a Soldano SLO 100 or a Fulltone Deja Vibe 2. It's funny that companies like these don't place adds in the mags either. Hmmmm..... Advertise, get a favorable review....yep good plan.....crap! Enough Ranting.... Fulltone ROCKS!!! PS - One complaint. I ordered a cap from Fulltone and it arrived at my house in 3 days, but it smelled like fish! So, Mr. Fuller, what's up with that? I washed it but it still smells like fish.
  2. Jeff-r06jc

    DOD FX54 Attacker

    I play rock, (Bob Mould, Buffalo Tom, Janes....etc.) I would never buy any DOD again. I would rather wrap tissue paper around a comb and slide it under my strings than use this box. The paper and comb would probably stand up and last longer than the DOD.
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    Budda Wah+

    I play original rock, ala Buffalo Tom, Screaming Trees, Bob Mould, Jane's Addiction, ...blah blah blah...
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