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  1. I play hardcore rock, low-end kinda stuff. it doesnt sound like it would be a good match, but it is. if this thing got stolen, i'd first find the jerk-off that stole it, shove a chair up his ass sideways then chop him up into pieces and set his remains on fire, then i'd use the ashes to make soap which i would use in the shower when i'm {censored}ing his girl!!! anyways. i love this box so much, i dont use it as much as i would like. if you want a great chorus with no fuss and a good price, get the dod fx65 and thank me later.
  2. I play thick, muddy, heavy rock and hardcore music and the buzz boz is a match made in hell! I also own a Digitech RP6 which is a piece of {censored} and i wouldnt mind setting it on fire.. I really love the 2 ocatave down along with a thick distortion. this pedal is in a class by itself. Oh and one more thing, i sure do like butts.. If you own a DOD FX33 Buzz Box, isnt it grand?
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