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  1. i play mainly rock music, a little twisted maybe. it must be like 9 years now .. i don't think i'd get another eq box ever again. i hope some magic day this unit proves me wrong; for now each time i see it i feel the smell of burnt money. i shouldn't complain anyway since i bought it pretty much out of thin air. on a side note, i've noticed that dod boxes seem to have some kind of compression to their sound when bypassed. it does sound good for some things, tho.
  2. i play heavy-ish rock. the distortion itself is pretty normal, except for the unusable range of the gain ("buzz") knob. all the way down it sounds like, say, a maxed-out ibanez classic metal. up from there, it really doesn't make a difference. the octave is useful, yet it's not an everyday effect. i'd never buy this pedal again. i didn't compare it to anything... i just wanted to add something new to my rig since i was getting kinda bored. don't waste your time with this pedal. it isn't worth it.
  3. let's see.. if i'm not mistaken, i must have been playing for about 5 years now.. when i got this guitar, i actually was looking for a stan- dard strat [black body, white pickguard] but they didn't have it in stock [this one has no pickguard btw.. rather ugly]. as i already men- tioned, i love the neck. i also love the fact that next time i buy a guitar i'll already know what to look for.. as for other guitars, i've played several, mainly friends'.. but then i'm no connoisseur, so .. but i sure love that neck this guitar is perfect as it is.. it definately has its own niche and has come to the perfect place in the perfect time.. if it got lost or stolen i'd get another strat.. just because they're great guitars on the whole.. but i'd also like to get a les paul-type guitar ..
  4. I wouldn't buy it again, i'd like a bigger one (all tube if i can afford it). I think it's the best first amp i could've ever bought. I'm aware of its limitations though. I didn't compare it to anything, it just was the cheapest and had a lot of knobs . I wish it had reverb, that'd be cool.
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