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  1. jerkowitz

    Essex SX Tele Copy

    I spent 50 bucks so didn't expect a lot. What you do get is some good wood in the way of a neck and body so even new at a 100 bills you can't beat it. I own maybe 60 guitars, some I keep put up because I don't want to break a guitar that cost mucho $'s. I play my cheapies mainly. You can take it out and beat it up, if you break it you can fix it or get another. Lost or stolen no big deal. You can make a good sounding player out of the SX guitars, it would be nice if Rondo made kit guitars since a lot of people take them apart and redo them anyway.
  2. I guess nothing is perfect but the Big Baby comes close for what it is. It did exceed my expectations and is my first Taylor. It won't be my last, I did some research after buying the Big Baby. If their budget guitars are made this well one could only expect the rest to be spectacular. After watching some video's and reading other reviews I am very impressed with Mr Taylor's innovations.
  3. This guitar has a little of the maker built in. It feels like it's been around the last 60 years. Mine weighs in at 6 lbs 8 oz. Light for a tele. I normally don't like chunky necks but this one works. I like the fact that Bill uses a 10 in radius, that's a bonus. He has fixed the flaws in the original design, these are better than what Leo was making at the time, a magical almost perfect guitar. People complain he just assembles these from parts but that is the most important part, finding the perfect combination.
  4. I own lots of guitars including the aforementioned '91 Strat and a '79 Strat. I also own a slew of Tele's, Gretches, Gibsons, and lots more. I now have 3 of these CV series guitars, the CV Strat, the Butterscotch Tele and the CV Tele Custom (a beautiful guitar!) Fender made a good move in creating the CV series, a great guitar that more people can afford. This will give the Squier brand a much better name, a lot of people consider Squier inferior but unless you are a dedicated gear snob these should change your mind. I've been playing for 40 plus years and haven't seen such quality at this price. Think of all the money you will save by "not" having to mod a new guitar. As always you should try to try one in person, it seems most are good quality but there are always lemons with any product.
  5. I have dozens of other guitars including a vintage '52 ES-125, '73 Les Paul Deluxe, '79 Strat, '73 Jazz Bass, and lots of other things...This CV Tele is just fun to play, the name is correct, it has a Classic Vibe to it. Feels like I am playing a vintage guitar when I play it. I have a friend that owns more gear than I do and he fell in love with my budget Tele, he couldn't get over the sound and looks of it. I'd say go try one out.
  6. Give it a 9, It may not be the best thing since sliced bread but it has enough features to make it very versatile. It may not do everything perfectly but is capable of a lot of things. Really wans't looking for an acoustic amp but may have stumbled onto a piece of equipment that can cover a lot of bases. I will likely find a lot of uses for it.
  7. I like it a lot. I will probably keep it till I die. Others that have played it are very impressed and have had some very tempting offers to sell it. I like to play and it would be hard to replace not only for the vintage aspect but because of the sound and feel. I also own a 1979 LP Custom and both are great instruments just different. Also own a ton of other guitars but this LP Deluxe is very special.
  8. jerkowitz

    Agile AS-1000

    Playing guitar 40 years, started in the grade school band in 1963. Have owned 100's of guitars. Own at least 45-50 at the moment, not sure, so have plenty of things to compare it to. I chose this guitar because I wanted a sunburst 335 style and got more than expected. I know we are supposed to be critical but how can you be critical of value like this. I own an Agile AL-3000M which is also a superb guitar. What I like best about the Agiles is that you can have a great instrument you can take out and play without worry, for the price they can be replaced much more easily than an expensive big "G" guitar.
  9. jerkowitz

    Danelectro U2

    I own lots of gear, 50 plus guitars, banjo's stacks of amps ect...If it got stolen I would be hurt, but would buy another if one came up somewhere. Some of these are going for a pretty good price on ebay...the late 90's Korean ones. What do I like about it? It's just cool, reminds me of the 60's when I first started playing. It is what it is, if it had more or less features then it wouldn't be the same. Just wish I has played it when I first got it but at least I have a mint condition one that I can play when I get the urge to go back in time.
  10. I would buy these again for sure. I have at least 45-50 guitars right now so can compare them to a lot of other pickups. I can say they don't sound like anything I have tried. If you are into a lot of distortion then get a hot pickup and worry about getting a good distortion pedal. If you want something that sounds good clean then these may be something to consider. I am not looking for any particular sound but I know I like these a whole lot. These are in a class of their own so you may or may not like them, for me they offer something different and are NOT boring. I have bought quite a few products from guitarfetish and have liked everything thus far. They are very accurate on how they describe their products and I will be a customer for as long as they stay in business, a good product for an excellent price....now that's a simple way to do business. I would love to see them start building amps but that may be too much to ask.
  11. If new ones are like this one then it would be a great bargin. If you are into doing guitar mods then this would make a great project, cheaper than a Saga kit. I modded mine with parts I had laying arounds, I have a stacks of used parts to play with. I been playing 40 years or so and like to tinker as much as play. I own 50-60 guitars, 4 basses, 4 banjo's, a fiddle, a stack of amps, two drum kits, PA, tons of effects, ect,ect,ect. Get one, get it set up, and you'll a nice plank to spank.
  12. Playing 40 plus years. I knew what I was buying so didn't worry about asking questions. If it got ripped off I would likely get another. I like it because it does the SG thing real well. I compared it to an SG Faded and as far as I am concerned the Chinese Epi blows it away. The Faded SG felt very cheap, but if that's your taste then whatever suits you. I wouldn't pay double the money to have an expensive name tag. I would suggest to go to your local guitar barn and try it out. I looked at several, they are not always equal but all were well worth the cash.
  13. jerkowitz

    Agile AL3000M

    This guitar is stunning. I will not be afraid to take it out and play it because I know it wouldn't cost a fortune to replace which I would in a heartbeat. I've been playing 40 plus years and haven't had a guitar stolen yet but this one looks so good I would keep a close eye on it. I have 50 or so other guitars and this plays as well as the best of them and would say it is the prettiest. You would have to pay a fortune for a high end guitar to get something that looked any better. That is not to say this isn't a high end guitar, it is, just didn't cost as much as most.
  14. On a value scale they have to get a 10. I have pickups that cost 2-3 times as much that will probably go on ebay. Then I can buy more GFS stuff to try out. It's sites like guitarfetish and rondo music that gives us working musicians some variety. I been playing 40 years give or take, I own 45-50 guitars, some upscale stuff, and have drawers full of pickups and parts, a dozen amps, car load of effects ect.... As far as GFS pickups go I own 7-8 different sets and there's not a fart in a car-load, they're slicker than pig guts on a door knob. They stride the divide between deity and guitar pickup genius as far as I'm concerned.
  15. Been playing 40 years or so, this is guitar number 47. I've owned hundreds of guitars in the past, every make and model. I guess they don't sell these anymore, got this on guitarfetish closeout page. It looks like a very well thought out guitar, good harware, nice body. I lokk for unusual stuff and this is different. I think I will keep it. Compared to other strats I have it is as good or better than most. The neck I added had a lot more mass and brought it to life, all pickup positions are useful.
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