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    yamaha SA503TVL

    Wholly inferior to every other guitar I've owned, including the Yamaha Pacifica (strat knock-off). If you're considering buying one, I have one piece of advice: Play it first. Don't buy this guitar purely for looks.
  2. The Metal Zone pedal is really only suited for heavy metal players. Anything other than riff rock sounds terrible on it. It's not subtle enough for classic rock because it goes from zero to 11 instantly. If it were stolen or lost, I would definitely try a different Boss pedal like the overdrive or turbo distortion.
  3. I've owned a Yamaha and a Hamer before this guitar, and this one is far superior. It's also very very unique. I've never come across another one exactly like mine (another one might not even exist) and it sounds ballsier than an SG standard. I love the slim, well-played neck the most. That is probably why I bought it. It felt like a broken in baseball glove and played like butter. I like the fingerboard too. Not too stiff or chalky; easy to run up and down on. I wish it had more tone control. A bigsby might be cool too, but I doubt I'd use it too much. This guitar has a rich and ruddy tone tha
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