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  1. that amp has a weird trem circuit that uses a tube as an oscillator, as opposed to the standard optocoupler style. can't help you with the switch, but you could tryin pulling the 6SQ7 tube and see if that kills the trem without effecting the operation of the amp. sorry i can't be more helpful.
  2. if your amp volume is maxing out at 2, you possibly have a serious amp issue. Have you tried the head with another cab? or even a speaker from a combo amp? Your cabinet shouldn't limit your volume that severely.
  3. i very rarely log back in and check it out. Nowhere near the activity and traffic there used to be.
  4. I've done it for years, to all my guitars. expensive, cheat, bolt neck, set neck, etc. you don't use alot of pressure, it's a very subtle bend. I'm sure cranking on it could lead to problems, but have sense about it and use your ears. it doesn't take much movement at all to get a noticeable pitch change.
  5. I've had a Washburn J6 for several years now, and it's a killer guitar. I think i paid $300 or so back then for it used. It's a big bodied full hollowbody. around a 4 " body depth. If they don't make that model anymore, you should still be able to find one on the used market fairly cheaply.
  6. when i think of country blues, i think of acoustic music, so i'm not sure what to recommend without knowing more about what you want.
  7. cheap guitars sell more than expensive ones, period. If it gets more people comfortable with lower end guitars, the more they sell. When I was young, any source of validation about my meager beginner gear boosted my confidence. My freind had an AM standard, i had a MIK Squier II, but see jeff healey on a magazine with his Squier logo visible on his headstock was a big deal for me and maybe me feel more confident about my gear. Childish thinking of course, but I was a child at the time.
  8. there hasn't been a radio shack within 75 miles of me in years. 10 years ago, the last one i had went into was just cell phones and rc cars. and the employees were completely clueless about anything but cell phone plans. i loved RS when i was a kid, they always had some cool heathkit or paia projects that I lusted after. alas, those days have been over for a decade or two.
  9. if you don't need the added effects and stuff, if i was in your situation, i would just grab a cheap warhorse from a pawn shop like a Peavey bandit and use that for these gigs.
  10. different definitions of high gain i guess. I use a 2203 with just a boost and and can go between Master of puppets tone to Conan and Weedeater with no problems. There is no way I could use more gain than that.
  11. that software change ran everybody off, including myself. i'll check back in occasionally, but it's pretty much dead in here, and the vibe is completely different now.the increase in social media has had a big effect on the forum culture in general
  12. I've been watching videos of the new musicman St. Vincent sig model and the wiring scheme interests me. It's got 3 mini humbuckers and a 5 way switch. position 1 is bridge position2 is middle position 3 is neck position 4 is all 3 pups position 5 is neck/bridge. i wouldn't mind trying this setup in my strat. is there a 5 way switch available that will let me does this?
  13. WTB: 2 vintage style Gibson tuning keys. I busted 2 of the tuning keys on the treble side of my Faded V. The Kluson style with the greenish buttons. Seeing as how I'm a broke-ass student at the moment, does anyone happen to have a few of these laying around they could part with? Or even a whole set they would let go of cheaply? I'll gladly pay for them provided they're cheap enough. This would really get my ox out of a ditch.
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