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  1. Thanks for all the offers. Mark is traded!
  2. Originally Posted by conky Get the band back together and come to Georgia ASAP! End of All was soooo {censored}ing good. I know its a long shot, but do you have any leftover merch? Man I wished we still had merch, I gave the last T-shirt from EOA away to someone years ago. Will is now back from Ohio and living in NC, but Tommy (the lead guitar player) is now living in Ohio and playing in a large band from there. There has been talk about doing a reunion show though, we have been thinking about getting back together for a few dates, and it very well could happen! On a side note, the VTM is sold thank!
  3. Hey Norton666 thanks for the offer! Im really holding out for a Splawn Nitro. Thanks! Bump
  4. Hey Norton666 thanks for the offer! Im really holding out for a Splawn Nitro. Thanks! Bump
  5. Sorry about that, should have room now!
  6. endofall

    Mesa Mark V FT

    I have created a new thread for this amp because I am also willing to sell it and could not change the title thread, so the one thats listed as FS/FT Mesa Mark V is the same listing. Thanks http://acapella.harmony-central.com/...FT-Mesa-Mark-V
  7. endofall

    Mesa Mark V FT

    I would love to play on a Baron to see what its like, but Im really pushing for a Splawn Nitro. Thank you for the offer though!
  8. This is the same amp that I already have listed, but I am creating a new thread for it because I could not change the title of the thread and I wanted to list it as also being for sale. Thanks I have a Mesa Mark V. It has been played out some, but it is still in good shape. It comes with the foot switch, cable, and the cover that comes with it from the factory. The amp has a new retube kit of el34's and JJ 12ax7's from EuroTubes in it. These tubes might have 10 hours of play time on them. I am interested in trades or selling! I am looking for a Splawn Nitro or possible some version of a Soldano, but I am open to offers. If you are interested in buying I am asking $1650.00. If you have any questions or need to see any other pictures please just let me know. If you have a question about shipping please send me a message. Thanks
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