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  1. I'm an atheist and I agree that it's pretty stupid. I'm confident enough and secure in my own beliefs that I don't need to push it onto other people to make myself feel better.

    Those posts and Melx's P&W thread idea are the only decent posts in here... everything else is pretty :facepalm:

  2. Hardly, much of a muchness really.

    It's funny to see Americans bitch about the East End when they've never been there. Also funny to hear 'Londoners' who probably hardly know that area bitch about it too. There's tons on your doorstep if you live in Whitechapel, great nightlife/pubs/restaurants, right on the edge of the city, fantastic history to the area, lots of historical/interesting buildings/streets. I can think of far worse places.

    I wasn't born and raised in East London, but I have spent the best part of 10 years going out there and north London and reckon I know what's nice and what's not? Whitechapel has never appealed to me whatsoever.

    Opinions are fun and stuff, move to Stonebridge Park, ill hook you up with Sabertooth and the boyz

  3. 2-step/garage influenced drumlines, heavily emphasised dub-influenced baselines, sampled vocals if any and generally a sparse/minimal feel

    The term has been somewhat re-appropriated in the US by a kind of more commercially viable dance music with a heavy emphasis on a "drop"; a point in the song where everything gets suddenly very big and extremely deep basslines are heavily filter-modulated. People with far more right to consider themselves purists than me sometimes call this "brostep"

    Yes this.

    Brostep is nothing like dubstep

  4. Too much time on your hands... but I still chuckled.


    Are you supposed to tell everyone whos selling something cheaper than it normally goes for, that they are losing money and should sell it on ebay for more? Isn' that what finding a bargain is? I do understand that in this "experiment", the girl wasn't sure what she's selling, but whos fault is that? :idk:

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