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    Vox VT15

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    Boss PW-10 V-Wah Pedal

    i was aiming for the me-20 but i fear that i could not meet my expectation when comes to its drive patches.i was eyeing for the variable drive types it has, until i learned of the pw-10's drives and i am happy it sounded almost analog
  3. I use this live at church and It did not disappoint me. It cut right through the band as well as the weekend service recordings. No pedals or amp used- just connect it to a D.I and into the Mixer PA. and voalla!
  4. I am a church mucisian playing LIVE weekly. This guitar acts very good for blues genre. but if your looking for that well balanced mid tone- this is not it
  5. I'm an OD lover..I ALSO had the DOD 250/BD-2/SD-1/TS-5/TS-9/OS-2/BAD MONKEY/YJM 308/BARBER TRIFECTA/FRENCHTOAST DANO etc. with thIS xmorph function im sure you will find most of the OD tonal at your disposal pretty decent model for the alleged DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY "Digitech" for me it doesn't sound digitized at all NOT AT ALL give yourself a favor and buy one!
  6. Over all this is an OK pedal! since I can't really afford an RC booster with its' cheap cost it's a good alternative but still you have to keep it in mind that Behringer pedals are just clones so you get cloned sounds also =/
  7. I would rate it overall 9 with the mod and 7 at stock. Try this mod - it's better I'd tell you-cheers!
  8. This pedal has its limitations, it's the best for it does, but not for metal sound, but combining it with other drive pedals and using it as a booster will definitely redefine your charisma as a guitar player tone!
  9. I am on the stage of modifying this pedal a bit. I recently pull-off C6 capacacitor (1nf) in the OD tone opamp feedback loop section. tailoring it like the TS. This makes it more open-sounding, resolving the "blanket covered sound" i wrote as a cons in the sound quality portion of this review. I will try to change the cap C23 from 4.7uF to 33uF. to increase bass. overall i would rate it 7 as fairly acceptable, and a bit of modding will make it 9 I will update you again
  10. can handle most lead work on the other hand rythm can result to classic rock style this pedal will best suit if you are an overdrive lover like me this is like a boosted tubescreamer in my opinion
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