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    ART SGX-2000 Express

    If I could go back and do it again, I wouldnt buy this machine brand-new. I paid too much for what I use it for - That might also explain why I sound indifferent about it. It wasnt worth over $1000 to be sure. On the other hand, I have been using it to great effect for quite some time, and havent found anything to do its job better. Its a great machine. So I would buy it again, because for a couple hundred bucks these days, it would be a steal. mp3.com/poisedfortheworm
  2. RevFear

    Gibson P-94

    [Comments] I'd buy these again in a heartbeat. I am rarely this impressed with new gear. Originally, it was a toss up between the P-94's and 57 Classic Plus, but I think the other ones would have been a mistake. For me, nothing beats the character of a single coil. I've come to realize that in my 20 years of playing. I really dont like the feel of Strats though.. I dont know why. So I'm going with what I'm comfortable with. I'm very happy I tried these. I'm surprised that Gibson hasnt put any of these babies in a production guitar. Maybe its because they dont look vintage, and they didnt thin
  3. I really love it, and its definitely a keeper. I dont think I would bother to try to find another one because they all sound so different and its taken this long to find one that sounds the way I like. Besides, I dont rely on this box for my main tone, the Pi is just gravy for me... but very fun gravy. I would be very sad if it ever went missing.
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