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  1. I like to play different kinds of music, but like I said, for turning a perfectly good tone into a stinky pile of poo, this pedal works wonders. I've actually been able to tame it a little bit, to give my bass some distortion and overdrive without crapifying the tone too much (basically, turn the distortion all the way down, and the presence up just a little tiny bit). But, read the other opinions on this list. Not everybody can handle this kind of distortion. :') I've been playing through this thing for about 4 or 5 years. Frankly, if it were stolen or lost, I would probably invest in a different kind of distortion. But I would never forget my horrifying Metal Maniac. Whenever I see a band and the bassist uses distortion, I have to laugh. I always tell whomever I'm with, "that's pretty horrible, but it's no Metal Maniac".
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