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  1. [Comments] i'm quite pleased with the overall performance of this baby.although people say its no good for clean..which i generally think so..its perfectly normal for me..but i'm having another 2 passive single coils on my axe ..sound of the single coils are pretty lame when you compare it...so in that way it sux..its advisable to put all active pickups on your guitar
  2. overall its an okay pedal looks cool too but its really big. The reason i bought it because ithink it could last because it has optical something instead of pots.
  3. I would say this is a pretty good amp but lacks versatility. sound is good. but i won't buy it again cause i'm looking for something bigger and versatile. Should have more than just three nobs and four buttons.
  4. i would not buy it again.! i'm trying to sell mine!
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