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  1. As I have learned the British say from reading this site, this is a good little piece of gear. My expectations were average. This thing hit the peak of my satisfaction. I have so many pedals that I have made a rotation plan just to make sure they all get played! Only a select few stay in the permanent rotation. I think this one will be that good for me.
  2. Well, I walked into a pawn shop one day and there it was! The bass Paul McCartney was always holding during the Wings years! Do you think I would let a chance like that pass me by? I also have a Warwick Thumb, a Gretsch Broadcaster, and an Epiphone Viola as well as the Rick. The Rick is the newcomer in the group. They all have their nuances. I call them "Rubber" "Round" "Punch" and "Electric" in that order, because that's how they sit in a mix for me. Of course the Warwick is active and it is much more versitile than just "rubber". It is my favorite of the bunch. The sonic range is incre
  3. Greg-OZiug

    yamaha APX-10

    I love this guitar. It is one that I NEED to keep around. And with the melted finish (see above story), I love its appearance as it is a total original! Freaks out people when played live both aurally and visually! Looks like it's been around the block for several bluesmen's lifetimes! I recently compared my two pre-digital on-boards with my two digital on-boards in my acoustic guitar collection. What I noticed about the pre-digitals was, when playing more than one string at a time, the individual sounds of the strings come through much better that the digitals. The digitals kind of throw
  4. How long have you been playing? Off and on for over 30 years. Seriously in the last seven or eight years. What other gear do you own? I'm a collector. Junkie? Six acoustics. Seven electrics. Four basses. Five keyboards. Electric drum set. About 50 analog pedals and 10 rack units. Three Boogie amps (Mark II, Studio 22). A Marshall Valvestate and Lead 12. A Fender Acoustasonic and Quad Reverb! Ashdown and Fender bass amps. God I'm sick! Everything's old. Everything bought used in Pawn Shop raids or new in megasales in music stores. I ain't rich but I do invest a lot of time in
  5. Greg-OZiug

    Korg A2

    This is a great effects processor, one of the best I guess. Glowing reviews everywhere you look--unchanging even as time wears on. Both for this and the A3. I own a couple of both! Wish I had an A1, too--a kind of Holy Grail for me. The A3 is more guitar oriented. The A2 has more general natural sets which I use for my "studio environments". Everything sounds good through it. There are also cards with different sounds you can use. I have the Studio Card and the Keyboard Card (can be used on both A2 and A3). The studio card has a great number of reverb environments. The studio card is mos
  6. This pedal sat in the used section of my local music shop for about half a year gathering dust. Two or three times I came home and read the other user reviews here and just thought about it. Finally, I got some extra spending money and went and gave it a "drive". No one had even put a battery in it so probably nobody had shown any interest. I tried it through a Japanese Strat and thought, "Ooh, how thin sounding" I kept on switching back and forth between straight Marshall and the Drive-O-Matic. Eventually the Marshall sound faded from my memory and I began to get into the Drive-O-Matic. The s
  7. I'm mostly a Telecaster style player and I did a lot of slapback with this thing. I am still quite happy with the results when I listen to my old tapes. It has a really nice punch and a nice decay. I also did a lot of droning U2 type things and spacey stuff with it-- and, yes, it self-oscilates like a U.F.O if that's your motivation! I'm not a fan of DOD products. I had a distortion from the same series of pedals which I never liked very much. Later,their Classic Fuzz was okay but I passed it on. However, this delay made some great sounds for me that I wish I still had. Put this in the yo
  8. Greg-OZiug

    Bartolini Tube-It

    I walk the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Kinks, Beatles, Byrds, Johnny Cash, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker and the like road. Eclectic I guess. Totally into roots music, folk, neo-folk, 60's, early 70's rock, blues. You could squeeze this sound in to most of these. As I remember it, it may be too thin for good blues tone. But that's only as I remember it. Yes, it is another tone in the arsenal. Yes, it is built like a tank. It is larger and heavier than the average-sized stompbox. Not the traditional EH size though! Yes, I would buy it again! The second I saw it my hand would be on it
  9. My experience: have been playing guitar for about 30 years and bass for four. Do original stuff at home. Have got about 10,000 dollars invested in guitars, basses, amps, keyboards, a home studio, and three shelves full of pedals. Study hard and get a good job! So put my opinion in this perspective. The EBS Multicomp puts out the full sound of whatever you're doing. Gets the signal up to full strength for whatever other processing you're going to put your sound through. Will compress anything: bass, keyboards, guitar... Other pedal compressors I have are a Maxon and a Tech 21 Compa
  10. I avoided this pedal for a long time because everybody talked about "the Nirvana sound". Not that I don't like some of their stuff, but I just had no desire to sound like them and a million other grungies who were trying to sound like them. But, finally, on a visit to the EH website, I listened to the sound samples, and I found that Nirvana wasn't the only thing this pedal was about. There are some other very useful sounds in this pedal. It's just a great pedal if you want an analog chorus that's luscious, wet, fat, thick... It also fattens out your sound with some really nice subtl
  11. Me and my playing go back a long way. My first Fender amp was a late 1970's quad reverb (twin reverb times two!) I also have a vintage Boogie Mark II. These amps have always set the standard for everything since then. The Fender Acoustasonic Junior, while not matching those amps in volume, certainly matches the quality of sound. In fact, I have never heard a solid state amp I like as much. Of course, for solid body electric guitars, they've just got to go through tubes for me. But for acoustics, this thing sings. And you can literally sing through it as well. Great for practice. Great for
  12. This unit has a nice little range from barely there to warble universe. This is one of the first effects I ever bought back in the 70's. I fell away from playing for a while and then the digital age came upon us. The unit basically stayed in the closet for about 15 years. I recently pulled it out, feeling it was just some cheap little effects box I used back when I was a beginner. Then it hit me. This is now a vintage unit and, yeah, it does sound different! After years of using digital effects boxes the sound coming out of this thing was really refreshing. Yes, it will help you make music. So
  13. Been at it 30 years. Single-coil fixated for the most part. Love effects. But, because of the small size of this guitar, I can take it along in my car to play at the beach, on a mountain, under the stars, wherever. Provides an alternative sound on recordings. It also works well in bed at night--nothing kinky, just practice! It's a great little pet! An 8 is good, people!
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