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  1. This pedal fit's my love for sci fi metal and futuristic sounding metal well but it's sometimes a pain in the ass because of all the stupid things about it like the hum and the fixated tone it radiates. It's good but it was less then i expected it to be. I thought it'd be this crazy ass metal zone sounding distortion with all these screaming robot sounds and futuristic bleeps but it wasen't. Fourtunatly I can get those sounds by mixing it with my digitech whammy pedal a delay flanger chorus Od/Dis Phaser and Effect platform (yeah im a greek lol) but it wont be that metal zone space age sounding thing as heard in the stuido of S.C.I.E.N.C.E. by Incubus (my fav band an a huge reason i got this pedal) because it has a regular old sounding overdrive but the ring mod used in small porpotions with it will add quite a bit of dirt and gain but it will not be quite as fancy as u imagined it will make some crazy stuff though, but in order to make the ring mod reach it full potential sound then you must work with it quite a while. It's easy to get the ring from "glass" off S.C.I.E.N.C.E but it was a bit dissappointed because i thought it would get those sounds " A Certain Shade of Green" and "Magic Medecine" "Cologne" and it does get the sound off magic medicene and soems ounds off cologne but not all some of that was DJ's Keyboatrds other things but theres this futuristic siren thats goes off during the verse i thought i would get idk how he does that since ik thats his only distortion on the rig so idk how he'd flip on the ring mod half way but luckely i go another distortion pedal lol but alot of those sounds may be his whammy which no place lists but ik he has one because alot of the sounds he makes are like exactly wut the whammy does but it's agreat buy just dont think you will get every wierd sound of S.C.I.E.N.C.E. only most of em
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