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  1. Someone here posted that they moved their pick ups real close to the strings. Not me. I like them far away. That's were the butter is. Let your amp do the distorting. On my neck pick up the closest part of the low E string is .250" (1/4") from the white cover of the HS-3. The high string is .200" in distance. That should give you a good idea of what distance I like for my string to pole distance. In the end you've got to use your ears but I find a good distance makes for a smoother sound. Also, I have to stress the importance of great intonation. I've spent years playing with average intonation (set by the guy at the music store) only to wonder why I never sound as good as the records. I started to try using tuners for my tuning and setting my intonation but even the most expensive tuners suck compared to just using my ears. I check and adjust my intonation every time I change strings. I hold the guitar in the position I play it in and spend an hour or two making sure everything is pitch perfect using my ears. I only concern myself with the 1st(roots), 4th and 5th intervals. I spend a lot of time by the 12th fret making those 1s, 4s and 5s sound spot on. Tuning is an art all in itself and what a difference tuning and intonation make in your over all tone. I doubt anything is more important than tuning when it comes to sounding good. One 1/4 turn on a intonation screw on a strat is HUGE! If your off a 1/4 turn on any screw it's going to be quite noticeable. And strats are notorious for their intonation going out of whack. But some loctite thread locker (self wicking)and apply just he tiniest amount to the screw where it goes into the saddle. Also, lube your nut. Whammy bar or not. Cleaning with a brush and lubing the nut and saddles weekly makes a big difference in tone and tuning.
  2. I bought this at guitar center back in 2005. I returned it a couple days later and bought the Boss ME-50. I get great Hendrix tones from that thing and it simple to use. I've been playing Hendrix since he was still alive. I use a 1964 Strat and a 2000 American Standard Stratocaster. I play through 70's Fender Champs at home and Marshall 100 watt Super Leads, '71 and '73, when out. If I was a bigger Hendrix fan I would just go buy the Full tone pedals.
  3. The thing is far from perfect It's missing a looper. It's silly the Phaser has no mix level. Jumping from patch to patch creates a half second of dead air. But you have to love the lack of a Menus wheel. I tried the GT-8 and was horrified by the length of time it took to turn a virtual knob. Most people don't know you can buy an extra foot pedal to select BANKS. Boss could have just added another foot switch but, oh well.
  4. I've been playing since Hendrix was alive. If it were lost or stolen....maybe an Ubershal! I forgot to mention than the Boss EQ scoops the mids enough to play "New Metal" but still doesn't really go to Rectifier land. I play The Wind Crys Mary on it and I swear Jimi stops by to listen.
  5. I play metal, grunge and blues rock. I've been playing since 1969. I'd replace it if it were stolen. Finally a distortion pedal that smokes the Metalzone! It looks cool! Less expensive than a Metalzone too! I use the Metal Muff with Fender and Marshall tube amps and a 2000 Fender American Standard Stratocaster with Dimarzio Humbuckers (just like Yngwie) The Dimarzio Area 61 and 58 humbuckers sound killer! I'm gonna buy me some!
  6. Gallien Kruger has reissued these amps and the blow out price is $999.00! List is $1400 (I think). Considering that originals are usually worth alot more than the reissues I can't believe how cheap you can buy one of these off eBay still. I'm looking forward to using both heads and two 4x12's to make a budget stereo rig that's extremely portable. I've been shredding daily since 1975. I love rock, metal and grunge. Last night I learned the lead to Time from Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon LP. That was really fun and the 250ML was great!
  7. I've been a Marshall owner since 1980. I must of gone thru 20 heads or so and maybe 10 4x12 cabinets. I've been playing lead guitar since 1975. I love classic rock, angry metal and grunge. I also dig Tool (whatever they are). I love the balls this Marshall has. The earth shakes with the Master up to just 4. I hate the lack of an effects loop and the noisy preamp section. If it got stolen....I don't know...if I could find another without the noise...YES! I'm comparing this head to a multitude of other Marshall heads, the Crate Power Block, an old Series 2 G-K 250 ML (really an awesome head but not as loud or ballsey as the JCM) and a B-52 100 watt( no soul ). Sure beats the JTM45 reissues in all areas except weight! BIG BIG BIG...it's the Grand Piano of guitar amplifiers!
  8. I've been shredding metal since Michael Schenker hit the scene in UFO back in the 70's. I think $100 is pretty steep when you consider the Boss ME-50 can be had for just over $200. Top musicians everywhere rely on the NS-2. It's perfect if you can afford it.
  9. I spoke to Jim Marshall at the Namm show back in the mid 80's and told Jim Marshall that I hated his new amps! (LOL) He must of listened to me because he started his reissue line of amps and cabs the next year. There's some customer support! The price tag of over $1600 is a bit overwhelming but I guess Marshalls have always been pricey (for the good ones).
  10. I've been playing since 1969 and everyday since 1979. I play lead mostly and like everything from Hendrix to Tool. Come to think of it...the OS-2 is PERFECT for obtaining Hendrix and Tool! I own a bunch of vintage gear that wasn't old when I bought them. The oldest being a 1959 Rickenbacher Amplifer [still like new]. If I lost it...I'd buy another What do I hate about it? Maybe it has too much gain... I've used it with the gain all the way down and with a boosted level going into it I can still get it to scream and have very musical feedback.
  11. I've been playing since 1969 and everyday since 1979 (finally got a good job where I could buy a good guitar and amp). I play blues, classic 50's, 60's and 70's rock, grunge and 80's and 90's metal. Of all people, Yngwie Malmsteen has inspired me to play the blues again. I never knew what an amazing blues player Malmsteen is (was) until lately. (no, not old black blues but Hendrix and SRV style blues). These boxes sell for over $300 on eBay but thank God I didn't sell mine. Although, I believe, companies are starting to make analog delays again. Diamond is one such company. Electro Harmonix still makes a Memory Man delay which is analog and costs about $200. I use to love my old Memory Man.
  12. It's ugly, the display and controls are retarded, the strap is a joke, the speaker is only big enough for bedroom jamming, and there are far to few different chord progressions to choose from [maybe 10 altogether] and the phrases are really super short [16 seconds long at most]. Yet, as limited as the phrases are I can't stop jammin on this thing. I've got 40 hours already on it in one week and boy are my fingers hurting. My suggestion to Fender would be to make a Fender twin with all those great ampflier and effect models built into it. I really, really love how all the amp and effect models sound!
  13. Robert-4_spN

    Boss FV-60

    They still sells these! I just saw one at Guitar Center for $69.95 new! I took a moment to enjoy my clever bargining skills of 25 years ago! I've been playing guitar since 1969. I love Classic rock, Heavy Metal and Grunge.... It's good to see Judas Priest still belting it out!!!
  14. This guitar would cost over a grand if made in the USA. It's that nice! If fact, I've never played a nicer bass and it was one of the least expensive guitars in the store. It's antique amber with gold hardware and I'm thinking I might like the black cherry with chrome hardware better. It's a rather light weight bass especially when compared to the USA made Fenders. I'm 46 years old and I can easily stand for 3 hours with this guitar around my neck [good padded strap]. The two volume knobs are annoying as we have to turn them both to kill the volume. The neck is first rate. The tone is first rate. Well balanced on a strap. 24 frets!!! Beautiful UFO looking neck inlays!! $399!!!! Hey President Bush, please don't bomb Korea!!!!
  15. I've been playing lead guitar since 1969. I love Yngwie Malmsteens tone!!!!!! I bought a Stratocaster and stuck a HS-3 in the bridge like Malsmteen and then bought a couple DOD 250's and almost went crazy trying to figure out how He gets that amazing transparent tone... finally, I found out the secret and am sharing it with you! You are so lucky! Now, to learn all those kooky scales! Actually, I prefer to play Hendrix like stuff. Ever see Yngwie play and sing Manic Depression by Hendrix? Wow, super cool! Just a slightly overdriven Marshall with the DOD250 in the effects loop. Actually, ALL the effects in the effects loop. That's how to get his tone. It WILL blow your mind!
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