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  1. For the value and old school analog sound this pedal can add a unique sound to your collection. I recommend snatching one up.
  2. Again the RV3 covers a lot of ground for one pedal. I almost ordered one from evilbay, but instead one came up for sale cheap in the local cl. Despite a needed repair of the cover, the pedal sounds amazing and it is easily my best tool. i would highly recommend it to any who likes delays.
  3. all and all this a great tool for creative mind. Once you pass the learning curve, this pedal becomes an important addition to any guitarist aresenal. I would recommend this sucker over the Boss Tr-2 and the Marshall Vibratrem any day
  4. Considering that I only spent 30 bucks and got a half-way decent pedal, I would say it is a positive purchase. However, be warned you might have to really tweak this thing to get a sound that is acceptable. Once adjusted, this pedal is a solid buy.
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