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  1. this is a simple bass, and i have had few ,(Playing since 83) some of my past basses were Fender 72 telecaster, japanese 75 Jazz reissue , Mex jazz. Music Man String Ray, you can hold a bass line , do what you need to do for rock ,counrty ,blues ,metal ,pop, alt , what ever. This is not your wanna be alembic multi pup jam band fusion ,or 5 string goth black nu-metal job( a grand and up? you kidding me??). This is a machine for those who are mechanics in the art of rock . This is a tool ,like a hammer .Use it wisely my friends.
  2. Buy this guitar if you need another tele, buy this guitar if you want to get a tele. It is not the beginners basic Squier tele, I have had 3 , whick I used for upgrades , and part swaps , and sold off online, or gave to friends. This guitar needs very little to make it pro worthy Get one before their gone!!!!!!
  3. Rob-wFu..

    SX SJM 62

    Well I have a Douglas hollow body ES335 type, and an Agile strat , very good guitars for the money. I bought this for the shape ,look, and color.I do love the sound as I play with a telecaster and a gretsh 5120. Great for slide, hate the frets,, love the trem. I knew buying this I would replace some parts , but its not worth buying new pickups ,or a new neck.If it were stolen I wouldn't worry ,I have a really good picture of the guitar!Bottom line its a fun toy ,you can play it out , good for a project, and it looks hanging on the wall.
  4. One revier before my put it best , you would put out alot of coin to go get all the effects in this pedal.I would buy other if lost or stolen.I like the design ,but switching from one setting to the next you get a drop out ,which is a drag.I choose this based on the fact all the tones are usable ,(I had a Whammy , but exchanged it for this pedal) Over all its a cool tool for playing live ,or writing ,and creating your tone.One of the reasons I picked up this pedal was it was made with the help of Eddie Krammer, who aside from engineering most of Hendrix's albums, also did Zepplin's "House of the Holy/Physical Graffiti,and KISS's "Alive" so the man knows how to produce good tone!
  5. Rob-wFu..

    DOD FX35 Octoplus

    Its a good pedal to get if you can find it cheap (check ebay) has a good tone with other pedals ,but not over powering(not like a boss OC-3) a good mix with other pedals,I had an OC-2 and a Blue Box. The OC-2 broke,so I never got another ,and the Blue Box was cool with the fuzz ,but would not sustain well (tended to cut out with OD,or Distortion behind it) so I'll give it an 8 , I like it.
  6. If you want a good delay , but don't have the money to spend on a boss or digitech ,get this. It is simple ,and cheap, but gives a good delay.It can give a good slap back sound. Has a cool blue LED ( some guy posted it hurts his eye's ha ha ,its not a laser)
  7. I play alot of Hendrix,Floyd,Zep, and the Stone's as far as classic wah rock goes,but I dig the funk of "Funkentelechy Vs. the Placebo Syndrome "by Parliment,and the Grateful Dead "Blues for Allah,and Terripin Station. Reagge Bob Marley & the Wailers ,Peter Tosh ,and Lee Scatch Perry.I love wah & it has to be one of my favorite effects.I would get another if lost ,stolen, or broke beyond repair,I think having an Optical Sencor wah is a plus to ones FX bag.
  8. Good for Counrty ,Blues , Rockabilly, Jazz, or any Twangy guitar part.I love to play along to the Sun session Classics with this baby. If it were lost , I may get another one. But I would check out other verbs ,so I might get something else (just bought a Rocktron short timer on ebay)It does what it was made to do give you verb.
  9. Rob-wFu..

    Douglas SH-90NA

    I have been playing for 20 years plus,and I have never had a simi archtop ,so what do I know? Well I,m never gonna be a jazzbo like Wes Montgomery,so its fine by my standards, I play late 60's rock (Hendrix,Led Zep,Stones,Velvet Underground,MC5) 70s rock(Sabbath,Bowie Mick Ronson era,)70s punk (NY Dolls,Stooges,Ramones,The Jam,Teleivision,Clash)Reagge (Bob Marley,Peter Tosh,Lee Scatch Perry)and Sonic Youth,Soundgarden,Frank Black, and the White Stripes,this guitar is great for all. I play a tele, an esquier tele (both for various differnt tele's)and a Les Paul Special w/ P90's.I really bought this guitar becuase it was cheap and looked cool,but it sounds great as well,so thats gotta be worth a 10!
  10. I have been playing 20 years so I have had my share of guitars.I have a Les Paul Speical w/ p90s,and a tele MIM body,Seymore Duncan little 59 bridge,and strat in neck,Mahogany Warmoth neck ,and 52 bridge,I also have had a 2001 Amer tele,and a 97 squire tele MIM ,this axe is as good as the Amer tele ,and better build than the MIM.Really you can't go wrong for the price,I had to get one before they all dry up.
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