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  1. I recently purchased a second SVPCL and low and behold, when I ran it against my svpcl with the higher end tubes in it, it was quieter, thinner sounding and I had to run the gain hotter to get any grit.... the second svpcl is full of the stock groove tubes so I would strongly recommend upgrading the preamp tubes to some nice old rca, sylvania, westinghouse, amperex..... for me and my fingers and pick on p-bass sound there is nothing better than this preamp.....I liked it so much I own a second back-up that will sit in my closet until the unlikey event something should go wrong with my m
  2. best budget bass dub envelope sound for me.......needs help from a good compressor after it but it will perform..... there are way better envelope pedals out there but it was cheap and I figured it out after much trial and error..... killer dub sound......sublime, bob marley.....
  3. this pedal definately need some help from a compressor pedal.....I use mine with a tech 21 bass compactor pedal to bring up the overall volume and fatten it up a bit....good overall envelope sounds....if you find one for cheap and you can compress it a bit, it is worth checking out....other envelope pedals cost a lot more and still aren't perfect to my ears.....because this pedal is such a tone sucker, I use it with a radial efx looper tru bypass/switcher pedal so I can kick it out of my signal chain when not in use....definately needs help from a compressor because it is a radical change when
  4. I play live in various settings with different bands and I've also used this pedal in the studio environment.....I've been playing bass for 25 years..... my live set-up: I use channel 1 for SVT grit I use channel 2 for pick and slap tones where needed I use channel 3 as a mute swith by turning all the knobs to zero..... in the studio: I use it as a direct box into the console and experiment more with the various factory sounds.....so far engineers are pleased with it's simplicity in being able to get usable sounds quickly.... I think this pedal works best with a good power amp
  5. I'm very pleased....it came with wheels and it fits in my backseat and it keeps up with a loud drummer no problem.....I wish ampeg made a cover for this thing.....definately a very underated cabinet....ampeg rocks.....I still don't know why everyone thinks you need to spend the extra bucks for a 4-10 cab with those harsh sounding horns.....this cab has more bottom and is way smoother sounding than any 4-10 horn/cab I've heard.....
  6. mike-wJNvz

    Bag End S15

    I've been playing bass for 25 years....I tried alot of 4 ten cabinets and some 1x15 cabinets as well......I was looking for something small that I could fit in the front seat of a toyota.....I was surprised when I heard this cabinet compared to other cabs....tons of bottom for it's size and enough highs for no tweeter....after gigging with this cab for over 8 years now I am very happy with it...lately I have been running it with my ampeg svt 3pro and the sound is awesome....real glassy highs and lots of the low stuff....I use it as a stand alone cab and it will compete with a loud drummer no p
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