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    DigiTech 2112

    I play metal. Speed metal/Death Metal, the heavier and faster, the better. With this setup, I can make some 10 year Mashall stack, metal veterans {censored} their pants. It's pretty funny. This is my first pre-amp and I love it. I've been playing for 7 years with pedal boards, then I went to this for more control. It's pretty neat. Factory presets weren't bad. Just had to do some tweeking. Noise gate works nice and so does the tuner. If this were stolen, I'd try the 2120 because it is the only one I can really buy new. Pretty much the same from what I've heard. I just wish it had a
  2. I've been playing guitar for 6 years, and have been playing 7 strings for almost a year. The only thing I wish that this guitar had was a 5 way selector switch that allows you to slit the coils in the pickus like the Ibanez RG 7 strings have. Other than that an absolutely fantastic value. If you are looking for a fixed bridge, 7 string, strat shaped guitar, without coil splitting capability, this is it. Very well put together. The stock pickups that it comes with are just a matter of taste depending on your string gauge and equipment.
  3. For playing shred metal using a solid state head, and good sounding not too high ended bridge pickups, this pedal is perfect. If all my equipment were stolen, I'd try going the rackmount route with distortion, or at least try it. Until then, I do have a backup Death Metal pedal in my arsenal. The only reason why I would try a rackmount is because I have so many effects pedals, that I'm tap dancing and head banging at the same time. But for right now, they are definitely doing the job.
  4. This is a kick ass guitar. The pickups are pretty decent for stock, but I guess I was just spoiled by my X2N's in my Jackson/Rhoads. I compared this to the Schecter A-7 and the Ibanez won hands down. The Ibanez had a much better feel, sound, and durability. I turned the nobs on the Schecter and immediately, I noticed the tone nob was stripped (straight out of the factory.) I've always loved the feel of Ibanez guitars. This guitar gives them justice, and I'm now a seven string man.
  5. I've been playing for 5 years, and am probably the only guitarist who prefers harsh brutal solid state amps, to tubes, so that's Why I didn't hang on to my SG Standard, pluss I didn't know anyone who could change the pickups for me. I made sure to plug this one into the exact setup I have in the store, and I loved it. I can't wait to plug in with the band in my jam room with this one. Haven't gotten too attached to this one yet, to say that if it was stolen, I'd get a replica of it immediately.
  6. [Comments] I read all that crud about how EMGs are the hottest because they are active, and so I tried them. Like them, all the bridge pickups I've ever heard (except for the X2N) are just to thin in the bridge. This one is the best sounding to my ears hands down. Basically everyone I know whose heard this pickup can't believe how great it sounds. Definitely try it out.
  7. This guitar head is the sack. I prefer solid state sound because the distortion is more brutal. I'm not much into classic rock any more, but if I were, this amp would definitely be great to recreate that tube distortion sound. For $350 brand new, this head is a steal. If someone were to steal this, I'd beat them to death with this head, and the Peavey would still look and perform like new.
  8. This guitar is excellent for the price paid for it. Everyone in my band keeps telling me that this is my best sounding guitar, and it does have a killer sound. Like I said, those are the only quirks, and they are easy to over come, plus for everything being stock (pickups), it's killer.
  9. It's built tough, but that's it. Sabine has a cheaper floor tuner for about $10 to $15 less. It just performs a lot better.
  10. I give it a 4 because Boss pedals are built tough. I tried this one along side a DOD DeathMetal and the Death Metal just handed MT-2's ass to itself. Maybe it's just my taste but if you are limited on cash, get a DOD Death Metal.
  11. This is a killer wah. I have an effects board with individual pedals, so I have to do lots of tap dancing with everything and having this switchless wah makes it a lot easier. I'd give it a 10, but I think it lacks low end. I'll have to mess around with my equipment settings some more.
  12. This pedal is the sack. I was a little hesitant about buying it because some of the sound qualities on other DOD pedals can be lame, but they out did themselves on this one. All you need for a ass kicking death metal sound is this pedal. That's it. I give it a 12 for over all value.
  13. I give it a 8 for volume, 5 for wah wah. I mainly bought it for the Wah function. It's ok, but I liked the sound of a Dunlop Crybaby better.
  14. I love everything about this pedal. It'll probably last for ever. I heard that it eat's batteries, so I bought a power supply for it right away.
  15. Very reliable, made in the USA. Never had a problem with it, and I still continue to use it with my setup. If it got lost or stolen, I'd check out some other multi-effect processors on how they'd compare to this. Not a bad buy.
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