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    Washburn RS-10V

    After I'm finished with upgrading the guitar (new pickups, tuners and bridge) then it will be an 8. Stock the guitar is a 7. The guitar it self is good and well built, only the electronics and parts are not all that. But those are things that can easily be upgraded, that's nicer then a guitar with good parts and poor wood and a awful neck. www.vanhelden.demon.nl/gear -for the real gear freaks-
  2. MVH

    Korg DTR-1 Digital Tuner

    Ok. It's a great unit that works good, tunes very nice, has a tone generator (real nice), 3 different tuning modes and a cable check function. But the sound degration is horrible and it always starts up in one setting, not the one you were last in. For the rest, it's just beautifull. But if you don't use the strobe function (I really do not prefer it) and could do without the large display of the note, then the DTR-2 is a nice option.
  3. What I never understood is that almost all the gear that we use can be adjusted to our likings, but not most wahs. And that's strange because each component between our strings and our speakers have their influence on the sound and the way the wah affects it. That's why I love the RMC3 Custom so much, you can really NAIL your sound with ease. I don't like it when I need to use gear that is setup for a majority of the users. I want it to sound good for me, no I want it to sound perfect for me. And this thing delivers. For those we care: I use a 19" rack - all wired with high-end audio Va
  4. THIS MAN IS THA BOMB. BTW I think he makes really great products and gives great support !!.
  5. MVH

    Rockman MIDI Octopus

    Nice piece of product, which they were still made. I use it to switch my Mesa/Boogie Quad preamp. If you are a gear freak, check out my website: www.vanhelden.demon.nl/gear
  6. This is it man. Forget about Marshall, VHT, Peavey, etc. This is IT. Especially because it has two channels and a zillion options. I really adore the 2 channels, cause i can switch to a solo sound by pressing one pedal and it boost the sound exactly the way I want it to. Love it.Can't go wrong with this one. ps check out my website www.vanhelden.demon.nl/gear for more info on this amp and on my other gear (such as the Mesa/Boogie Quad preamp, and Van Den Hul cables - check that out!).
  7. It's just plain FANTASTIC. The improvement is so big. I can't understand why some people have $$ (rack) gear and use cheap cables and tubes with it. It's a waist of the quality of their gear. I paid $100,- for 2 cables of 2.5 metres, which is quite a lot of money for some cable. But if you understand that this cable doesn't rob you from your precious tone that comes out of your quality setup, then it's a small price to pay. Please do check out their website (www.vandenhul.com) to understand why their products are so good. It's a great site with lots of info. If you want to know
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