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  1. I would buy this pedal again. It seems to be extremely versatile. You can get amplifier like distortion from some settings, tone changes (without a lot of distortion) and heavily distorted sounds (with significant tone changes). It's a good way to make a solid state amp sound better. I wish that there was a way to switch the tone controls in or out when the drive was engaged. But asking for this kind of function is outside the realm of a simple stomp box.
  2. This overall rating may seem a little high. This box has all of the major effect food groups, though, and went for a price between 2/3 and 1/2 the cost of buying a bunch of used floor boxes that could do the same things. If I could afford to be particular, I would have bought a Rocktron Replifex (at three times the price). As it is, even though the pure delays are kind of annoying, this is a good all round multiple effector.
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