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  1. Pair it with a tinny, trebly distortion and you're set. Rock on
  2. There's too many categories here now. Rock on pretty boy
  3. I have all the DOD distortions. Good flavors. But without my BOSS ROD-10 preamp, it'd be pretty cheap. I don't know why it had to be called DEATH. I use the midrange up, so its no longer Death Metal. It James Bond metal, stab you in the back while yer not looking and press the emergency escape valve while I slide under the elevator door at the last second.
  4. CouldB Anyone

    DOD FX100

    One of my Fave DODs, and I own them all. I don't know what else to say about it that I didn't say in the first paragraph, if you think of somthing, feel free to e-mail me anytime. -The Marshall
  5. CouldB Anyone

    DOD FX70-C

    One of my favorite DODs.
  6. Super duper boost your gain before it gets into this pedal, and you're set. Man the tone is all there. Hendrix could jam it with this, not the Melvins(its named after melvins guy). You get my basic gist so buy it and try it if you want its discontinued you know.
  7. A good EQ is helpful to cut out some of the squealins. But then my guitars aren't grounded either. One of my favorites from DOD, cheap and crazy. Ahh
  8. Bam! Before the octave pedal is great. It fills up the sound well.
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