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  1. I play classic rock and r&b, this is the ticket for either the Yardbirds, "Haert Full of Soul," or the Isley Brothers "Who's That Lady?"
  2. a great pedal that does what a lot of boutique pedals do at a fraction of the cost. awesome!
  3. Looks great. Sounds good. With Gibson, or Duncan pickups, it could sound even better. A bargain in the 335 world!
  4. If I played metal or prog, I would give this a 10, with the wild pitch shift and the very rough overdive and fuzz. Since I am a funky,rock,bluesy player, only the pristine trem and reverb appeal to me, yet, they appeal enough to merit a high rating, overall!
  5. For a wide variety for genres it's great. Specifically, if you are a rhythm guitarist who grooves all night (with AC power). This phaser could really be your thing...
  6. though the Vox has a nice tone, as well, the Crybaby is more dependable and durable
  7. My other amp is a Fender, and this can get good Celestion/UK type of sounds for me...surprisingly, though, it has great sounds when used clean with Fender guitars, as well.
  8. Great for a working guitar player doing just about everything, except metal. Wish it had that Famous Fender Tremolo, but this is not a perfect world----- ah well...there are plenty of nice Tremolo stompboxes out there... This amp is near perfect for me
  9. I the need arose, I would certainly replace it. For my needs, this amp rules!
  10. Best 15 dollars I ever spent in a pawnshoppe! Does "Psychotic Reaction," "Foxy Lady," Ike Turner's/Ernie Isley's 1970's riffs,well...you get the picture!
  11. These list at waaaay more than I bought it for, so I feel that I made a great purchase. You will, too if you're into similar musical interests
  12. I would cry if I lost it and would immediately replace it...
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