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  1. Been playing for 43 years. I love the price but still wish we could make this in the U.S. I would pay more. I would replace it because it fits my studio sound.
  2. I myself like the color. I do not use Danelectro so it stands out on the pedal board.
  3. Mule-eOmNG

    Gibson P-90

    This pickup is a great value and when you get into your Doors Grove, Slide on some Allman Brothers, or some New speedway Boogie it is hard to put down the instrument. Many times I just play with the P-90. Also have 2 dogears on my 1962 ES-120, Wooden Ships or Down by the River just comes ringing out.
  4. I have been playing for 35 years. I own a 62 Gibson ES-125TD Mod, A Fender Tele and Strat. Also a Washburn Deluxe Acoustic. I would rebuild/Mod one of these if it were stolen. If you had your fill of buying Korean or Chinese guitars look for one of these used. You can't go wrong with an SG Classic if you are a "Classic Rocker".
  5. Mule-eOmNG

    Gibson ES-120T

    I give this guitar a high rating because of the sound and playability. Smooth as Tennessee whisky. Very rare mod so if it were stolen would have to move up to a 125 TD.
  6. I have been playing for a long time since the 70's. I just want to say if you find one of these old ones 2 knob check it out. I am looking for a second one but thay are hard to find at a good price. It is a great flanger. Its beauty is in its simplicity and sound quality.
  7. Mule-eOmNG

    Artec MSP50

    If something happened I would replace it. In fact thinking about useing this one on my old Guild and buying one to fit permanently on my Washburn D10DL. I have been playing for many years and I can say this is a steal.Only downside it is basic no features but makes up for it in sound.
  8. A little Pricey once you add the power adapter and/or optional pedal. Goes through batteries like pork through a puppy. I guess somthing that powerfull would, it just looks small.
  9. For the price you can't go wrong. I suspect this will be a part of many peoples pedal boards in the future. Ya just can't diss it. I would replace it if it were stolen. It should help your music it helped mine.
  10. They do not make this one anymore and my review is unbiased. I am glad I own one. It may be several ounces lighter than it's Gibson counter part but it does not take away from it's overall usefulness and beauty. Bought it new for 370. US. This Epi as most will never be a true collectors guitar. What you get though for X amount of dollars can't be beat, a real value, but that was yesterday and yesterday's gone.
  11. Due to it being plastic and the difficulty to learn, worth it, I do not give it a ten. I can't complain due to the price. I would replace it if it were stolen. It definitely helps me with my music. Recommended for the beginner to the pro. Something for everyone.
  12. I play classic rock my own music and folk. Been playing since the mid 60's. I would buy another if it were lost. It helps my music and helps me make music. Police this one!! (pick one up)
  13. Been playing for 30 years. Out of production but would buy another one. It states tube tone but it is close no cigar. Warm Gibson technologies sound but not tube. I like it because it gives me "My" sound and is more dependable/study than tube. The effects loop is great to put noisey effects behind. A real winner, wish they still made them.
  14. This one is recomended. Good value. I play a Hot Roded Fender Classic 50's Strat and a Hot Roded Tele with Custom Shop 51 Nocaster pups through a 30 watt Vox, a 15 watt Super Champ and a Solid State Epiphone 60 watt. I believe this will help me in my Studio to create some new sounds. I have been playing 6 string acoustic since 1973, electric solid since 1993 and Bass since 1968. I do not play live anymore. I play folk, old country and the classic rock songs past and those soon to be.
  15. I have been playing since 1967 bass, acoustic 6 string since 1974 and electric 6 string since 2005. I would replace it again if it were stolen. I play Fender Strat and Tele Custom Shop upgrades( pups, switches etc..), Epi Casino, Les Paul and Guild acoustic.
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