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  1. To the $400 used price add an extra $50 for the upgrade. This is really the only complaint I would have. This puppy is very expensive. New it's about $600 (all U.S. prices). But it's the best that's around. So I'm giving it an overall 8, not because it isn't great, but just because IMO it's too pricey.
  2. For me, this is simply like a Macintosh computer. Turn it on and it does its stuff. If I lost it I'd probably get another. The price is right.
  3. Don-.342F

    DOD FX35 Octoplus

    It works great. What else is there to say?
  4. If you want a cheap, but quiet, warm delay, this is your puppy!
  5. Don-.342F

    yamaha SY-77

    I have never found anything to compare. I it was lost or stolen I would either get another or it's bigger cousin, the 99. That one has slightly better expandability and supposedly better-sounding efex.
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