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  1. If you like to wreak sonic mayhem this is killer. I just got it and it's like my favorite pedal (and I gotta bunch). It's no secret Tom Morello from Rage uses the original Whammy pedal but I'd pick this since you can approximate him (and a few other cool bands) with this plus there's a whole vacant unexplored territory of sounds at your disposal! Then again an original is like $500 mint and $250 beat up and {censored}ty, and I've heard the Whammy 2 sucks. So, for me this was the way to go.
  2. I'm into heavy-edged music like Deftones and Tool and this doesn't really enhance my sound any. It's ok for just a simple rock distortion, that's what I use it for. People I know kept joching this thing... Most of them had DS-1s, and I was like `well, {censored} it, I'll get the DS-2...that has DS-1 sounds plus then some.` I use this with a '73 Ibanez solidbody Studio series guitar with Duncans(for now) and I was using this through my now-deceased Crate practice amp but I've got some new amp {censored} on the way (thank god).
  3. dee-imgM_

    MXR M-103 Blue Box

    This is pretty subjective. If you're into landing UFOs with your stomp boxes then go for it. You can get it for $50 at elderly.com. It wasn't really my thang tho. Jimmy Page used this on `Fool In The Rain` and poop daddy Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit) owns this one in his collection, as does Trent Reznor (NIN).
  4. dee-imgM_

    Rocktron Rampage

    If you're looking for a heavily distorted sound, metal-esque or not, this will do it. The only other thing that really compares in features and all is the Boss Metal Zone which isn't my cup of tea. If you like the Metal Zone you might not be into this but if not this should satisfy. Some bands you can make it sound like ...Coal Chamber, Deftones, White Zombie, to name a few. The setting I've been using here lately is: bass: max, scoop: 4 o'clock, treble: 2 o'clock, level: whatever you need, sustain: max.
  5. [Comments] If you're looking for an alternative to buying a 7-string for a 6, this pickup is what you want. Or if you just want everything you play to sound just heavy as hell this is good too. I use the JB in the neck for a sweeter more clearer tone. I doubt anyone could steal it without me noticing (come on, they'd have to take the strings off, unscrew the mounting ring, unscrew the pickup from the mounting ring, then cut the wires ...like I'm not gonna notice?) but if somehow I broke it, I would probably buy it again.
  6. Man, it sucks. If you like this pedal you are either a newbie or just love setting around in your tight ass Levi's bumpin' Megadeth. I'm mostly into rapcore/hardcore crossover hip-hop metal fusion (you know tha bands). This sorta reminds me of a Rocktron Rampage cuz of how you can boost the mids but the Rampage sounds a helluva lot better. It just has a bigger, fatter sound to it, and it doesn't have to sound predominately `metal` all the time.
  7. This thing rules the world, I'm never gonna let it go. I'm into hardcore and crossover/rapcore type music (KoRN, deftones, LB, (hed)p.e., Kid Rock, One Minute Silence, Incubus, etc). I like to use this to throw a touch of dissonance into things. Don't get this if you want a straight Ring Modulator though (you'll hate it as the others have in below reviews). I like to get pedals that are supposed to be for certain things and use them for other things if you can catch my drift. You can end up with some pretty cool sounds that way...
  8. dee-imgM_

    Boss Hyper Fuzz

    This is a cool little pedal but after playing with mode 2 for too long I got a damn headache and had to go listen to some hip-hop stuff to make it go away.
  9. dee-imgM_

    DOD FX33 Buzz Box

    This is a cool pedal in my opinion but I think that if you pay anymore than $60 for this, you're a dumbass. People try to sell these used as "collector's items" for $90, $100 (I got mine brand new for $47); that's bull{censored}. If you pay that much for any DOD pedal you must of road the short bus to school when you were a kid.
  10. dee-imgM_

    MXR M-103 Blue Box

    Someone told me that Wes Borland used one of these and then I read that Trent Reznor used it on the MXR home page. I thought it was going to be awesome but it was a let down. Not my style. I hear that Jimmy Page once used this for a solo on a song "Fools In The Rain" or something like that.
  11. I like new metal/alterna-metal/pimp rock/hardcore whatever you wanna call it (KoRn, Deftones, Limp Bizkit, etc). I can get decent tones for them out of this box, the feedback sucks--it's really not that bad though. Only problem is ...this pedal's discontinued now, so, good luck finding it.
  12. I expected to open this and get "KoRn in a box." It's nothing really like that though, as a matter of fact I read that KoRn got their Muff's modified by a guy named Richard Kaplan. Plus they use 7 strings, and I play a 6. It's good for what it's for. You can use it for metal or just regular rock type stuff. I was looking for more of a {censored}ed up wicked distortion though, kinda felt let down but not really. It's decent.
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