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  1. Overall, I find this pedal very good. And the market price is affordable for new stocks, though i bought this as used item.
  2. Sound is good except for the loud volume. If you'd have a small amp this thing will blow it up and its awesome. But probably i'd sell it anyway & get another big muff or something.
  3. Overall, its a perfect guitar for me... Sound Quality(Superb),Looks(Nice finish), Durability(doesnt look cheap) & the Price(my budget range). If you want metal, go buy an ibanez or a schecter...
  4. Overall its a nice pedal but the sound just lacks something. Its like having an amp behind a curtain. I have not tried a mod version before but I think they are way better than stock sd1.
  5. Overall, I like this pedal & that's it.
  6. Good overdrive effect for my sounding. Can't hear any loss tone in my pedalboard set-up.
  7. Perfect pedal for me. I never notice any tone loss in my pedalboard. Adjust the trimmer & gives more option soundings.Definitely worth the money.
  8. Overall, its a wonderful pedal. I salute the maker.Price still ok, anyways had it 2nd hand.
  9. OS2 may not be a boutique type of pedal but it does the job well as long you know were it fits. This pedal may not be good for a metal/heavy type sound as it lacks that grid but its good for crunch tone. Its a good pedal thats why I gave it a 9 & the -1 due it takes me a hard time getting the right knob mix for a good sound. Now I understand why Boss still sells OS2.
  10. I like the mossy green color & the sound quality is more better than some cheap overdriven pedal at its range. I'd always keep this pedal as long it won't break or spoilt.
  11. Perfect. But definitely need a tap tempo pedal as well. And is affordable compared to other expensive delays.
  12. All I can say from now on is that I will never leave home and go to gig without it.
  13. Why I bought this effect is that I found it cheap, better at that price range & I did not did my homeworks . Sobbingly realized vox tonelab is better just for a few more bucks....else have to be more creative!!!
  14. Overall I have bought what my money is worth for.I had only wish I had bought it a long time ago. Cheers!
  15. Sometimes if its really worth the price & quality, i'd really recommend it.... and Uber Metal's among the best... Mga Ponga Jamming na......Ok ito lalu na sa mga pinoy rock... Pinoy Rock Rules...Jeproks!!!
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