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  1. PM me if you have one up for sale.
  2. TheChopsyWanker First time here in years and I get to enter in a drawing. Not bad, not bad.
  3. WTB: Pedaltrain Pro Boss DD-20 VHT Valvulator I Shoot me a PM.
  4. 50 Pages by tomorrow night. I see your 50 pages, and raise you 30.
  5. The Moody Blues in the early 90's. I was 7 or 8 at the time. I remember they had an entire orchestra backing them up. Pretty cool first show.
  6. I saw the Liars before they really took off. I opened up for them that night as well (my first show ever). It was in a gymnasium in front of 15 people, but that didn't slow them down. Great show!
  7. Old analog CH-1 I used to have one a few years back. It's not as bad as people make it out to be. I've been chorus-less for awhile now but I'd like to get a BYOC if he ever gets them back in stock.
  8. I just got my barcode from CD Baby and am trying to put my artwork together. I've done some searching but can't come up with a definite answer. What is the standard size for a barcode label for a cd? From what I've read, it sounds like different types of barcodes need to be a certain size. Being that I don't want to make it unreadable, what would you recommend? I don't have a ruler sitting around to measure one. For those of you who have done this, what size did you use? Or does it not really matter as much as I think it does?
  9. How dare you feed my micro-pog gas! Sounds awesome man. Can't wait to finally get one of these.
  10. [YOUTUBE]GDS83yrM30Y[/YOUTUBE] Damn I've missed this album. I remember buying it in '98 and listening to it non-stop. It's been buried in my collection and I just broke it out again the other day. Reminded me of why this is my favorite one. The hooks, the rhymes, the change in styles...perfect.
  11. I think I would try both ways with the Decimator. I don't own one personally, but I've been hearing it works best as the last thing before your signal hits the amp. These guys were using their amp distortion btw. So, before dirt. However, I used to own a Smartgate and it worked best after dirt.
  12. Yeah "flashing" the tip helps quite a bit. Just get a wet sponge and touch each side of the iron tip (if you're using a flat-head screwdriver tip for example) on the sponge. It just helps to get rid of the impurities and allows for better solder flow. Also, if you have any old jeans laying around that you don't wear, cut those up into little squares. Those work really well for cleaning the iron tip after you solder the joints. Just wrap it around the tip and kinda pinch with your fingers while you pull the iron through. Once you're done, before you turn the iron off, tin your tip. As others said above, coat the tip with a bit of solder. Then you can turn it off and store it away. It just helps to preserve the tip when you're not using it. EDIT: Here's a good little soldering station that I've used for quite awhile. It has the sponge right below the holder, which is pretty convenient. http://www.amazon.com/Weller-Soldering-Station-WLC100-120V/dp/B000ICEMYA/ref=pd_bbs_5?ie=UTF8&s=hi&qid=1203753244&sr=8-5
  13. That's by far the best part. You get to have entire creative freedom. I'm loving every second of it! I've finally been getting around to finishing the 50-somethings songs I've been writing over the years. Now I don't have anyone to argue with me about where the songs should go. If I could pull a Trent Reznor or something similar, I would be a happy man. I could be the creative driving force, and then find some people that would like to play the songs live with me. Although I have to admit, it is cool to sit down and write something with other people. But for now, this is just way too damn fun.
  14. I'm working on an instrumental solo album, something I've never done before (some demo versions are in my sig). As a whole it's kind of a mix of styles...ambient, industrial, rock, experimental. I've gotten so fed up with being in bands around the area...too much drama, too many egotistical bandmates (all of whom are close-minded), etc. etc. I love having the creative freedom to do what I wish. I get to write all the parts and play all the instruments. Perfect! I'll be moving this summer though, so I'm hoping to get back with a band with similar goals. I miss playing out.
  15. Have you heard their work since then? Totally different sound. Dont get me wrong, i love the 1st album, but the stuff after that is something else. They were great as always. This is my 3rd time seeing them. They always put on a hell of a show. 1st time: was right around Drum's Not Dead, 3 piece...REAALLY RAW..angus actually played guitar..kinda...it was my favorite cause there was only a few people at the venue.Angus crotch all in my face. They played the entire 3rd album and an encore of a few songs off the 2nd album. Hung out wit them a bit after. 2nd time: last OCt. opening for Interpol. Brief but great. The interpol crowd hated it. opened and closed with the first and last tracks off Drum's not dead and played about 4 new ones between that. Got some free merch from Aaron afterwards. This Time: got to hear soundcheck. had to pee the whole show but didnt want to lose my spot. It was FREEZING. bunch of young kids. sounded great. not as raw. they brought along their (producer?) to do guitar/bass so Angus can just be silly, he just stands there looking VERY bored but plays amazing..Delay before Dist!!. although Angus did play bass on 2 songs off the new album (sloppily!). If i absolutely MUST have a man's crotch in my face, it may as well be his. Yeah I was pretty surprised at how much they've changed from their older stuff. I'm a fan of both. I'd love to catch these guys again sometime. It's been far too long! Cool dudes too. We hung out with them after the show (they stayed at a friend's house for the night) and ate some lasagna, drank some beer, and talked about music for the rest of the night. Really friendly, down to earth guys.
  16. Whoa! Now there's a name I haven't heard in awhile. Love these guys. My very first show was opening up for them 6 years ago back when they had a full-time bassist and a different drummer. How were they this time around? I remember them putting on a hell of a show. Thanks for the pics man.
  17. Awesome...added some more of you guys. It's cool to hear all the effects being used in a band/song context. It's giving me even more GAS, which is the last thing I need right now.
  18. Phil gave some great advice. Just go to the copyright website and download the SR form. It gives you step by step instructions on how to fill it out. It also gives you the option of copyrighting both the sound and the underlying works. Like Phil said, if you're copyrighting more than one song at once, make sure you list each song title and the track number. Write it on the cd too (along with your contact info) in case it accidently gets separated from your form. There's an SR continuation sheet which gives you a big space to write everything down. Once you fill it out, mail it in with your cd and the payment ($45 I believe), and then you should get your certificate within the next 6 or 7 months. I mailed mine out a couple months ago and they still haven't cashed my check yet, so it'll take them awhile. The copyright is effective as soon as they receive the package though. So even though my check hasn't cleared and I don't have the certificate in my hand, my songs are still copyrighted from the moment they arrived there. It's a pain to go through the process, but definitely worth it. Better safe than sorry. Oh, and they also mention the "poor man's copyright" doesn't hold up in court. It would be nice though, but I wouldn't risk it.
  19. If I wasn't a guitarist I would be a drummer. Love it. That being said, I'm too broke to buy a kit, and I'm living in an apartment. Someday though I'd like to get one and drum for a band.
  20. It'll definitely help to keep any dirt, moisture (rain/snow when hauling into the venue), etc. off the pedals. The soft case is better than nothing IMO. You can always upgrade when you start gigging and think more protection is needed. You might not even need that extra protection. I think the only thing to watch out for is where you store it when out there on the road. There have been a few times where I've opened up the equipment trailer to find my pedalboard at the bottom of a pile because things have shifted during the trip. I had a hardcase at the time, but that's really the only instance I can think of why a hardcase would be desired...to prevent the crushing of my babies.
  21. I've always stuck the carpet side to the board and the plastic hook side to the pedals. I guess I never really thought about doing it the other way. I've never had any problems though, especially with the industrial strength. Nothing has ever come un-stuck throughout gigs and tours. I think you should be ok either way though.
  22. Cool sound you guys have going on there! I dug Red Light Blue Light too. I added you btw.
  23. Yeah I've had a few encounters with this in the past. I thought it was cool at first but it got really annoying soon after. I could see it being fun though if I could mod one of my pedals to be part AM radio/part delay or whatever and then amplify it. Hmm...I may have to try that! EDIT: Now that I think about it, that might be a stupid idea haha. Anyway, sometimes it's caused by a faulty ground or a bad cable. Have you tried a different cable yet? That solved one of the instances I had.
  24. I can't think of any cons either. It is pretty expensive, but with that model, you get what you pay for. Very well-built. There's plenty of room on the board itself and in the case, and there are wheels on the case so it's easy to haul around. I sold mine a couple years back due to financial reasons but will be buying another soon.
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