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  1. Dave-E-9de

    Evans Hot Rhythm

    [Comments] If it were stolen Iw ould be some pissed! great pickup, works well with my setup (again, read my hotlead reveiw) has the tight punchy sound I have always wanted, and brought my samicj strat from near the bottom of my favorite axe list, to the top! I have acheived THAT SOUND!
  2. Dave-E-9de

    Evans Hot Lead

    [Comments] If this pickup were stolen I would cry.... then Kill whoever took it!!!! all kidding aside, I;ve been playing for7 years, I own Many many guitars, (from Ibanez to rickenbacker!) and a few amps. I love this pickup because it is as quiet (if not more so) than the lace sensor, but still has soul. I think this pickup (with a little adjustment to my setup) will finally let me reach THAT SOUND!
  3. The price reflects the money it cost for the mods I did.... If you have apeavey Classic 30 that is sitting around gathering dust, maybe you should try it.... I was a little less than impressed witht he tone of the amp, but once I modified it (there are many mods on steve's page http://www.techaccessinc.com/blueguitar/c30_mods.htm) I am VERY happy.
  4. playing around 10 years now... own lots of other guitars, and with a little work this one is hands down going to be my favorite... all I can honestly say is TRY ONE!!! they are a great unassuming instrument... it looks pretty plain jane (especially int he natural finish) but when the chips are down, this guitar has what it takes to get the job done.... Oh yeah,,,, 530 CANAIDAN!!!! WITH TAXES!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that equals out to about 340 US!!!!! WOHOO!!!!!!
  5. Overall, I love the guitar!!! I didn't think I would ever be able to say it.... If you find one in a store usedm buy it, just remember to save some money for some setup and mods!
  6. Long story short, good pedal for eighties metal, indestructable... Love it... Thik it's great.
  7. I've been playing for almost 10 years now ( damn that makes me feel old!) and have owned every style and brand out there, from old Danelectros to BC rich warlocks, E-335 copies and an endless parade of strat copies... I own 14 guitars now, and this one is unfortunately near the bottom of my list... I think that once I sand down the neck, switch to lighter guage strings, and give the electronics a once oer it wil be fine... unfortunately, that is a hell of a lot of work! If it were stolen or lost I would be kind of upset because I am a cheap bastard....
  8. Dave-E-9de

    Kay Les Paul Copy

    PLayed for about 8 years... owna pretty big collection, thisi s far from the jewel of the colelction, but it is a good playtoy.
  9. I have a pretty extensive guitar collection... this instrument rocks... I doubt I could ever replace it... I am so used to it! I almost bought a brand new american standard, but after playing it and the strat plus, I think I am sticking withthis one... I guess I love strats because of Dave Gilmour... or Dave Murray from Miaden...
  10. Dave-E-9de

    Ibanez RG565

    A great rock guitar, very versatile, and I love it, though I am thinking of replacing it with a Godin LG... same level of playability, same quiality No trem!
  11. I have been playing for 10 years. I wouldn't buy this guitar again. I mostly bought it too have as a throw around. It is good to play on, as long as you don't plug it in.
  12. Love it, really like the thing, and witht he new tubes, I am no longer looking at smaller/used marshalls! Stay loose, and keep the thing smokin!
  13. Dave-E-9de

    Zoom 505

    This unit is great for tooling around with effects... I had a DOD G7 processor (I think I did a review) and I HATED it! it was cool through headphones (like the zoom) but it stunk with my amp, no good in front or in the effects loop... THe 505 blows it away, and being a pedal it is easy to just kick down and change effects no problem. NOTE: I don't know how much the FP-01 costs, (i heard like 140 canadian!) but you can easily replace it with a simple 100k pot based volume pedal (25 canadian) and a stereo 1/4" to dual mono 1/4" cord... considering the limited amount of controllable effects (only volume, wah and pitch up/down) I don't think it is worth it to buy the FP-01... well, I've babled enough, bottom line, a good unit for beginner's or people just looking for a new toy, it doesn;t sound as good as my buddy's Digitech 2101, but it's like 1/20 the price! (besides, the money you save, you can spend on a good guitar and amp... and that's where your sound REALLY comes from... along with your hands, keep rocking Dave
  14. I bought it because I had just wanted a new "Real" amp. I've had a Yamaha Budokan 20 watt (Good first amp) a Rexx 100 watt solid state rackmount (shades of Triumph... but I used it with a SHITTY! cab, a 212 traynor from 78... with original speakers... and got discouraged) an original Ampeg Jet trem model (I had it cleaned up and restored by a friend... my first tube amp and WOW! the best blues tone I have ever heard... it blew up when my buddy left it on for like 8 hours one day) a Peavey Stereo Chorus 2-12 (A horrible amp to begin with, and mine needed a new speaker basket (bad voice coil)... good clean, bad distortion, traded it to get the classic 30.. But the ampp is fairly vesatile, You just need a good distortion box for super Metal Tone, and a 7-band eq pedal for dialing in that extra little bit of contouring all in all, I'd definitely buy another one, though I'd probably go for the 50 2-12, mainly because it's distortin was a little harder...
  15. Would I buy it again.... no. you can tell I hate the tone... but as I said it would be good for 4- track demos... P.S. traded it for a used Boss eq Pedal and 50 bucks cash... the boss eq pedal rocks with my new Peavey Classic 30!
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