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  1. John-e8q7f

    Demeter TGA-3

    I have more than one guitar. I even have more than one amp(!). James and Co. made 200 of these in different versions. I'm pretty sure he was trying to capture classic tweed, British, and modern high-gain sounds with this three-channel gem from the '80s. But hey, what the hell do I know? Maybe he was really trying to develop a prototype warp drive...
  2. John-e8q7f

    Sony HR-MP5

    This unit was a bargain when it was released, as it has LOTS of FX, many of which were only available in units three times its price. It is a bit toyish, not built for abuse at all - but great-sounding, and useful nonetheless.
  3. This is a fun unit that definitely has a home in my rack. I put a ton of grease on it, but I can't stress strongly enough how much it needs an exciter - especially if you're going to use guitar cabs. Exciters have a way of producing harmonic and subharmonic frequencies and time-aligning them so that they are very pronounced. My Sony HR-MP5 has an exciter, and it made this Rockman usable for me.
  4. Get 'em while they're cold. eBay idiots want $200 for their Boss and Maxon delays (that don't even have modulation or Line Level input/output). They can go scratch. If you wait, you can snap one up cheap. Don't be afraid if it's dead. It can be refurbished easily by a competent tech. Make someone else's loss your gain. These units were not cheap when they were new and plentiful. They are relatively cheap considering they will most likely never be made again.
  5. This is a decent Fender/Marshall/Boogie clone preamp. If you want a Bogner, save the cake and get one. I'm glad I did. I am not affiliated with the manufacturer (other than that I love the amps), but I am SICK of seeing raving comparisons to shill this thing up for auctions, or comparisons by players who -think- they have played a Bogner. If you can't hear the difference, don't post. This is just as bad as a manufacturer posing as a customer/reviewer (maybe worse).
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