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    Zoom 9030

    Asking me what style I play is about like asking me what road I drive on. I used it exclusively in my home studio. If they replaced the input stage with a programmable SansAmp and put it in a full rack with big knobs, I'd kill for a new one. I like(d) that I could ALWAYS find something different in it. I liked how it responded when you hooked its output into its input. I liked especially controlling it from a sequencer. With no patch changes, I could competely transform a sound a dozen different ways without any glitches. (not necessarily how most guitarists play, though) I wou
  2. Anonymous-eNgRe

    Casio CZ-101

    I'd get another. I'd get the CZ-1, with velocity sensitivity and more notes. I got it because I could make unique noises on it. I would like - more resolution in its controls, though it is better than some others from the same era. If you want a box that does what it does (4 notes, no velocity, cool noises), it's great.
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