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  1. Cab is gone, head still available. Updated list: Thunderfunk 750 Thunderfunk 550 Aguilar AG500 (dual channel) These items + cash (or a combo of them without cash): Diamond Bass Compressor Earthquaker Devices Echo Ghost Lizard Leg Blue Tail Will also sell outright for $750. This is a brand new piece of gear, $999 on musiciansfriend.com. Why not get a $150 discount?
  2. Well, looks like this is still mine. Thanks to everyone for looking. PM if you like, I'll check every so often and respond accordingly. Till then, back to rocking this baby! Thanks again HC.
  3. Last day bump. After tomorrow, I'm keeping it for a while. Probably a good, long while. I'm not too broken up about that either
  4. I'm giving this 1 more week to sell. If it doesn't, I'm keeping it. Get it while you can, people!
  5. Labor Day bump. Wait...isn't every day laborious enough?
  6. There really is no words for that. I just can't imagine playing that and the walls not falling down, being unable to contain that much awesomeness! It's true. The sunlight in the photo is actually emanating from the amp.
  7. Great Googly Moogly. I hope you meant that in a good way
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