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  1. I never said they shouldn't want to make a nice profit, but there is a difference between making a profit and just aiming high because enough people with more money than brains will pay for it. I mean look at Kiesel, they are a 100% American guitar manufacture that gives you custom options and the prices are extremely fair. They even have things standard like carbon fiber rods for neck stability and Stainless Steel frets. Is there any Gibson with stainless steel frets? $4000+ guitars and still using standard fret material, ridiculous.
  2. 1. The machines initial costs are expensive, but they allow you to make a lot more guitars faster which makes up for those costs. 2. Every manufacturer has to hand finish their guitars. Gibson doesn't have some kind of monopoly on skilled labour. And, I question "Master Grade" quality when speaking about Gibson or any other company who mass produces guitars. Some guitars will be great and some guitars will turn out bad, its just the way it is. 3. Sure some wood is more expensive, but unless you are using something very exotic most of the wood used is rather readily available like M
  3. I made a similar thread a few years ago, but would really like a fresh take on it and hoping newer people chime in. Also, let me clarify I'm talking about mass produced guitars that go through CNC machines, not handmade guitars. We have an idea what wood costs and we know that the big guitar manufactures buy in bulk and get a discount, same is true for hardware and electronics as well. I would love for someone to be able to break down how a guitar manufacture comes to the decision to price a mass produced guitar at $3000+ when there is really not much different in terms of the
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