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  1. Hi Folks, I've got an early 80s Rickenbacker 360/12 with an interesting, "custom" 12 saddle bridge (see below). It's not one of the kinds you can buy now, the saddles are quite different, so I can't just swap in a new one. The issue is the high E string saddle is cut a bit too low, part my fault, I asked a shop to cut it lower because it was making some buzz and I thought the saddle needing some cleaning. I was wrong to ask for that I guess and now it's too low. Ideally I'd like to fill the slot and re-cut it. I can't flip the saddle around or flip it upside down because based on where the hole is drilled for the adjuster post, it's not symmetrical, and the saddle is too small to flip it and tap a new hole. My options are to fill the slot, or cut a new slot next to it, which would also change my string spacing, although possibly minimally. Any ideas for filling it? Would simple solder do the trick?
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