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  1. Pussy can smell like lots of different things, but this is the first time I have heard it smells like an ashtray. "the girls of jersey"
  2. do you ever offer your cat a treat only to pull it away at the last second so you can grind your cigarette butt in its little pock-marked face I'm just trying to get a visual of what's going on here
  3. for a large mammal sure, but little ones it may be different. in theory, anyway. you give a pet a few ozs of booze (i would never) and theyd be fucking ripped to the tits. wouldnt it be possible for a little kitty cat to be exposed to a high enough level or nicotine from 2 people smoking at the same time? someone should do a study. I think it depends on the concentration administered to the pet but I would imagine your cat just wants to be around you. It may actually associate the smell of cigarettes (i.e. wet butt) to you and the missus though.
  4. I think cats or any mammal can develop a nicotine addiction but the levels in second hand smoke are not at a magnitude where it would present itself. I'd imagine the attribute having the greatest effect on your cat is that cigarettes smell like wet butt and house pets love that.
  5. I'm not sure the distortion really matters and would actually focus more on the tuning of the song. 'My Wave' for instance and its sound is essentially founded on the guitar's tuning (imo).
  6. You're butting into a conversation from 3 years ago.
  7. Reading all this reminds me of why I'm in a cover band. We always play the whole night ourselves, get decent money ($100/man on average), play to our following (been together almost 4 years now & have a 300+ mailing list) and have a great time every gig. We have 4 steady bars that book us for the whole year, and do the occasional private party as well. Did the originals thing back in the late 80s and it pretty much sucked as bad as it does today. Don't miss it at all. I have fun playing out to an appreciative audience. I know this is from 4 years ago but it's pretty rare for someone to articulate something I disagree with so much.
  8. I never knew there were engagement bands, and I was married. engagement bands are similar to wedding bands. wedding bands are like the opposite of a bull in the sense that the horns are in the back and the asshole is up front.
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