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  1. So there you have it. If you gig, you're being uncivilized and not compassionate. People whose propaganda conditions them to believe civilization will be destroyed by a disease with a mortality rate of less than .5% (continually revised further down as many are discovered to be asymptomatic), to be terrified of a world dripping with coronavirus, can't stand that not everyone else is similarly conditioned, that not everyone thinks that a really really long, really really safe (really really boring) life is the ideal. With the grand prize filling up your Depends in a nursing home in the last years of your superannuated existence. There's an alternative mindset, such as that of people who willingly accept risk- police officers, fireman, athletes, the military, construction workers, people not well represented on musicians internet forums (why is that?) that take precautions and don't take unnecessary risks- but don't let fear keep them from going about their lives. That's what we're all going to have to do. Genuinely sorry that things are so bad in FLA.
  2. No Newman, all this is on topic now. Because until there is a vaccine, the only valid reason to talk about live music on musicians' forums is to persuade people not to play live until one is developed. But posting any data (such as your charts showing the continued downward trajectory of COVID deaths even during rising cases), that downplays the unprecedented deadliness of this disease, will get crickets on musicians' internet forums. It's not the preferred narrative.
  3. Congrats, Road Ranger! My old house band, at a close- by American Legion, is going back to playing Saturdays, starting on the 11th. Unfortunately it looks like I will miss out on the 1st night back as I've been asked to sub with another previous band- this after a month of no gigs. Glad that my area is allowing music, though.
  4. It's transmitted through the air, but seems to be much more contagious indoors vs outside, where the droplets or aerosols are diluted to where they carry a much less potent viral load. Any remaining doubt about this was erased with the growing expert consensus that the protests did not spread the virus. This also shows that public health experts were correct, almost clairvoyant, in informing us as the protests were beginning, that the protests were worth the risk. Which could only mean that they knew there was very minimal risk. How they knew this without hanging out on hobbyist musicians' internet forums, we'll never know.
  5. As it is written: "In the last days there shall be gigs, and rumors of gigs". In the last 3 weeks I've had rumors dangled in front of me, but no gigs. Currently one dangling for July 11, as a sub with the band I quit last December. It turns out they're gigging (outside) more than any other local group save one.
  6. Gomer says hey. @OneManBlues, no doubt singing can make a huge difference, but in my case I don't think it keeps me from making money. I've found enough of the kind of solo instrumental gigs where singing is not required or may even be ruled out. So I'm no troubadour and my only relevance to this forum is when I join up with a singer to form a duo. It looks like that will be happening soon, with a WCS (White Chick Singer) I used to date. My only experience with singing on solo gigs consists of one week's time at a restaurant some 15 years ago, and also for one gig to a mostly deserted venue a few years ago, just a token few songs so the manager could tell the owner that I did sing (I had found that for that particular day it was required). In the 1st instance, the owner was not impressed. His exact words were "Uh, Andy, you know you don't HAVE to sing if you don't really WANT to". Lol. So he could tell I wasn't into it. It didn't hurt my feelings much because I thought the singer who had been taking my gigs (because he did Elton and Billy songs) sucked. Both times were not without encouragement, however, from some nice people who encouraged me to cover John Prine, Tom Waits, artists not known for having good voices. Masks are required for all staff at a restaurant that reopened, where I am subbing on occasion. So that puts me on an equal footing with the singer/players there. Good luck singing through a mask, lol. Other things are coming open also, but I'm checking into a job delivering pharmaceuticals (my old line of day work), for something to do and to re-establish an income. The hours will allow me to still do whatever gigs come available. I'm more into music than ever, if not necessarily into gigs. But can't spend all day doing nothing but playing and practicing, I'm finding.
  7. I reunited with my old band for an outside gig last Saturday, 1st gig since the shutdown. We played for a 4-wheeler mud riding festival. People walking and riding around covered with mud, happy as could be. Some bizarre looking vehicles on display. One of the band members was out while he and his wife recovered from the COVID-19 at home. They contracted it from their little boy. Word was that they were all doing well- but it was rough going for the 40-something parents.
  8. Good stuff and the best one man band drum solution I have seen yet😀. For harp I think you would love the Audix Fireball mic, should be less than $100. It's significantly hotter than a 58/57 with less feedback, also it may be better at minimizing bleed from your amp and drums. I say that because it is also good for vocals (and beatboxing) but you have to stay more on top of it compared to others mics. The volume knob is a great feature, also. I got mine to use with a band where I had to cover harmonica on some country songs (ala Mickey Raphael and Charlie McCoy). The primary harp player was more blues oriented and had a bullet mic, but he and the bandleader much preferred the Fireball. So both of us ended up using it. It lives up to its online reviews. But all that isn't to say your Shure isn't getting the job done.
  9. Not at all. But thanks for the funny pic, it brightened my day.
  10. My May 2nd gig is out. I had some misgivings so probably all for the best. The event usually means a building filled with people partying shoulder to shoulder so there would have had to be some major adjustments.
  11. Whoops! Meant May. But it's the 2nd so I wasn't far off. The only person in my area. to my knowledge, that has a sure- thing April gig is a solo blues artist playing a "Druid songwriter" festival on the 24th. Update, just saw on FB where someone corrected him- it's actually the Druid City Songwriters Festival. So not a Druid thing after all (I just wonder how Tuscaloosa AL got nicknamed the "Druid City). My friend got the call today, said he doesn't have many details. No evidence online, of it happening, but I hope it works out for him.
  12. For minor keys use a harp a whole step down from the key and play 3rd position. Unless you're one of those over-blowing whiz kids (Howard Levy) in which case you wouldn't be asking for guidance here, anyway.
  13. I went from $700- $800 a week playing background piano in restaurants, to nothing (like everyone else here). PO'd at myself for not having an "essential" vocation to fall back on. I'm using the downtime to nail down some long-worked on pieces, develop my harmonica skills, learn DAW recording, and reevaluate if my singing really does hopelessly suck. Got a crawfish boil band gig booked in April, so far it's still on.
  14. Cat Steven's Wild World https://www.facebook.com/andy.henderson.395/grid?lst=100001544624812%3A100001544624812%3A1582216714
  15. I'm the one who showed up at your gig in Jackson MS and yelled out HARMONY CENTRAL.
  16. I think you would be very happy with the keybed. I love it, it's fast and responsive. I'm primarily a piano player but it also works better than any other hammer action I've used for playing organ.
  17. Really liking the CP73. For the samples but especially for the finger to sound connection, the Nord Electro 5 I used to gig with left me cold in that regard. The keyboard action is just about perfect. I can play organ on it much better than I can play piano on the Nord action- not that the CP73 organs make me want to do that, but I can park my HX3 organ module on the top right. Really like the Wurli EP's, Rhodes are great too. The acoustic pianos make me wish for the 88, but the form factor and somewhat more EP- like action of the 73 will come in handy.
  18. Because 73 keys fits better on crowded lounge stages.
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